Hi guys! Sorry My People how today be, I dey Settle Matter Since Morning Make me no Greet una

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Settle Matter

Hi guys! Sorry My People how today be, I dey Settle Matter Since Morning Make me no Greet una.

Hi guys! Sorry My People how today be ,I dey settle matter since morning make me no greet una🙏

😉Police extend hand to driver, driver come pour am hand sanitizer, na the matter we dey settle for road since morning

😉As Nepa bring light this evening naa so the happiness make the house boy hug madam infront of Oga. Infact! we don dey beg Oga since morning

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😉Landlord no gree pay NEPA bills
Tennant disconnect landlord light…
We dey inside rain since dey settle am

😉Madam called DPO to come and arrest her husband side chick and the side chick happens to be the DPO’s wife….we don pack ourself go another police station go seperate fight!

😉My guy carry 2k enter boutique go test trouser of 25k, now zip don spoil.
As I dey talk so, na d shop him dey, dey mop since morning.

😉Tenant impregnated landlord’s daughter and landlord impregnated tenant’s wife. We still dey settle am..

😉Maid mistakenly called Oga naughty boy in front of madam, na the matter we dey try settle before gate man come tell madam ‘baby calm down’. We are going to the village square coz matter don tie wrapper

😉Oga borrow madam atm card to support him business for morning, Side chick carry same atm card go shopping for madam boutique for afternoon. Madam is still with the atm card requesting for the owner or sidechick go spend time for prison. Na for de matter we dey oo

😉Tenant dog no allow landlord enter house, na so rain beat oga landlord for outside. Na the compound we dey since dey beg oga landlord

😉Na the matter to make someone happy we dey so, na laughter therapy wey you need we dey settle…..🤣🤣😁

Happy new week to you all.

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Settle Matter
Settle Matter
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