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How I Escaped The DSS Attack This Morn­ing – Buko­la Sara­ki Reveals

While speak­ing on Tues­day dur­ing ple­nary on the floor of the sen­ate, the nation’s Sen­ate Pres­i­dent, Buko­la Sara­ki, nar­rat­ed his expe­ri­ence in the hands of secu­ri­ty oper­a­tives, who laid siege in his house.

Speak­ing on the siege on his home and that of his deputy, Sara­ki said the ple­nary would not have held if not for his prepa­ra­tion.

Accord­ing to him, he said;

The road lead­ing to my place was cor­doned off and all cars com­ing in and out as ear­ly as 6:30 were being stopped and you have to come down.

My con­voy was stopped from mov­ing. Giv­en some­thing that one was pre­pared for, I had my own car too. So the deputy sen­ate pres­i­dent called me and said he could not come here.

And as you are all aware, very late yes­ter­day, at about 8 p.m., I received a let­ter ask­ing me to report to the police on a case of this Offa rob­bery which had been con­clud­ed before now.

That’s the sit­u­a­tion why the DSP could not come here and I was already going some­where else. If not, this ple­nary would not have been able to hold today. So I had to come here.”

Sara­ki con­demned the siege say­ing it was God that made him escape it. He said; “But as you all right­ly said, if one of our col­leagues can­not come out for no fault of his, I don’t see how we can con­tin­ue to sit and ignore the fact that a pre­sid­ing offi­cer can­not be here.

And if it was by the plan, I too, would not be here. It was just by the inter­ven­tion of the almighty God that I was able to get myself here.”

The sen­ate pres­i­dent even­tu­al­ly presided over the Sen­ate and announced the defec­tion of 15 sen­a­tors away from the APC. Sara­ki was, how­ev­er, not among those that defect­ed.

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