How I Got Signed to Mavin Record – Ayra Starr

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How I Got Signed to Mavin Record  - Ayra Starr

How I Got Signed to Mavin Record – Ayra Starr.

Mavin Records singer, Ayra Starr has revealed how she got signed by Don Jazzy of Mavin Records.

Toktok9ja gathered that the singer made the revelation after covering the winter issue of Viper Magazine. 

Below are excerpts of the interview:

When asked about how she started writing songs at an early age, Ayra Starr had this to say;

I started remixing songs when I was seven or eight, I would remix Michael Jackson songs and I’d put my own words. I’d take it to school and act like this is my song and people would be like “you’re a liar, it’s not yours”. I would put my own words every time. Then me and my brother started writing songs when I was 10 and he was nine. Then when I was 12, my mom got us a guitar so we started properly writing music. A song from my album, I wrote when I was 14 and my brother was 13.

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How I Got Signed to Mavin Record  - Ayra Starr

In her cover interview with Viper Magazine, Ayra Starr was also asked how she got into the industry and she explained thus;

I used to upload covers on Instagram, then the first time I started to do an original song written by my brother. I uploaded it on Instagram, this is something I was overthinking for like a whole day before I posted and it was’t even up to three hours before Don Jazzy sent me a message! He was like “we need to meet up at the studio, just call me” and the rest was history. We met at the studio with my brother. The songs we recorded that day were on my EP, two songs on my EP.

I Was Badly Hurt When Wande Coal Quit Mavin Records – Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy Lament.

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How I Got Signed to Mavin Record  - Ayra Starr

In another news, Don Jazzy has revealed he felt bad after his ex-label signee, Wande Coal left his record label.

The star made the revelation why talking about what it took him to make his record label a success.

The Mavin Records founder spoke during a conversation with Adesope Live on a podcast.

“Wande Coal is a genius, an amazing vocalist we found at UNILAG (University of Lagos).I was hurt. Everyone hurts when a separation happens, whether it was amicable or not. You will hurt. Whether it was in peace or not in peace. I and Tiwa Savage are not fighting but I will still love to work with her. Whether you are fighting or not, it will still hurt. You have built friendship and will have to start building all over again. The Wande Coal exit hurt more. I even came on Twitter to talk about it.I was out of character. That has only happened to me twice in the industry. Some of my fans are still upset with me on that till today. Make una no vex”. he said.

He further added that D’banj was the catalyst that saw in him what people didn’t see in him.

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“Any situation that I am in, it’s like I am content. Everything that people see me in me now, D’banj saw it first. He was like, you can be this, you can be that. He just sparked it in me. Left to me, I will just be where I am and not do much about it. He was the catalyst. If he didn’t see that I can deliver an album for him, I won’t have delivered an album for him”.

In a related news, Don Jazzy also revealed that his former partner, D’Banj is the first person who really believed that he had the potential to be great.

In an interview with veteran broadcaster, Adesope Olajide, the Mavin Records boss said that D’Banj’s believed in him, sparked the Don Jazzy that many see and know today.

He also talked about how the label Mavin has performed within ten years and his relationship with D’Banj, Wande Coal and his brother D’Prince.

Don Jazzy further spoke about the music industry challenges and what Mavin looked for in international partnerships beyond financials alone.



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