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How much will 10 Bitcoins cost me if I buy them today?

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Apr 4, 2018 1:05 PM
Okonkwo Henry K
SEO Expert and WordPress Expert at Web Design (2014-present)
10w ago
1 bitcoin = $10,000 therefore, if you should buy 10 bitcoin, it means you have to invest almost $100,000+ and when it rises to let’s say $20,000/BTC maybe from this point you can do the calculations or keep for advice and more information subscribe also for free bitcoin

Mark Mandracchia
Server/Manager at Newbridge Cafe (1997-present)
10w ago
BTC is hovering anywhere in between $9800-$10.5k in the last 24 hours or so and would be a great time to buy them. Do I think BTC could go lower? Yes, I think there’s a chance of it happening if it breaks below $9800 and stays there for a little while. There’s a lot of buying support in this range so when I say I think there’s a chance it could go lower, that’s all I’m saying, it’s possible. Do I think it will? I’m not really sure. There’s a whole lot of people trading with their emotions and panic selling cause of inexperience. Everyone wants in on crypto for the massive gains but jumps out real fast when a correction happens. To answer your main question, if you got them around $10k each you’d be paying in the ballpark of $100,000, give or take a few thousand. It also depends where and how you buy them. I’m not positive but I think with a large amount you may not get the best price around. You may have to pay a little more to find someone who’s willing to sell that amount Plus, you have to include the traders fees to buy the BTC and in the case of $100,000 there’s gonna be a good amount. Then you also need to take into account the transaction fees to send your BTC from the exchange you buy it from to the wallet you want to store it in. It may not be much when buying $100 worth but $100,000 is a different story. I don’t believe its a good idea to buy 10 BTC in a single purchase. It may need to be broken down into 10 purchases of 1 BTC or 5 purchases of 2 BTC etc. When dealing with an amount like that I would look for the advice of someone who deals with that.
As of this second, 8:22am Eastern Time on Jan. 17, 2018, one half of a BTC would cost $5300 with fees on Coinbase. That means 1 BTC would cost $10,600 and 10 would cost $106,000. Then there’s the transactions fees depending where you want to store it. So you could estimate paying around $110,000 for 10 BTC or just choose a set $$ amount you want to spend like $100,000 and see what that gets you. I’d guess around 9 BTC. I hope this helps you a little. Do some research, be patient, and try to get some advice from a professional before moving forward. I’m guessing if you’re willing to invest that amount then you truly believe in the technology and future success of BTC or you wouldn’t be investing. I believe BTC will be worth a lot more money and this dip is nothing more than the healthy correction BTC and the rest of the crypto market needed to move forward to higher ATH’s.
I wish you the best of luck. I hope that investment turns you into a multi-millionaire, if you’re not already, someday.
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