How My Fiancé Took my Hard Earned Cash to Marry His Side Chick

We were dating and he asked me to marry him in December, 2016, I accepted because I loved him so much. I even endured all challenges with him, I was happy that we were going to be together, forever.

The relationship wasn’t perfect, he had many prospects, and I had my own issues too just like every other person. We talked at length and he promised to change some of the things he was doing that I wouldn’t be able to tolerate in marriage. I know I loved him dearly, but I was concerned that if he continues with his bad habits after we marry, I might start seeking closure outside. I may not leave him because I’m from a broken home and you know, let it not be that it was a generational thing.

We discussed and he promised to adjust, we were not having sex yet, I was celibate, then it happened just like magic sometime in October. Initially I was celibate because I felt he didn’t deserve it as a result of so many issues we were having in the relationship, but somehow the sex happened, you know how it is in relationships.

In December, he asked me to marry him, I was to meet his family in January, then his number was switched off for some days. In fact I couldn’t reach him till January 4th. The last I heard from him was December 30th.

When I finally reached him, he started with ‘we need to take things slow, I don’t deserve you, you’re a good church girl, and I’m a bad boy that just wants to ruin an innocent girl’s life, blab la bla.’This made me depressed, he went on to say that he wants to use this period to evaluate his lifestyle and all that.

To cut the long story short, I woke up one morning to see his wedding card on Facebook. He was getting married to someone he had initially introduced me to as his sister and she was 5 months pregnant.

We had a circle of friends and everyone knew that I don’t indulge in drinking, smoking and clubbing. I’m not also extravagant, so they called me holy Marry. I later found out that he and his friends made a bet on who would get to sleep with me, he waited two years to achieve that feat. It was never true love, it was all a bet to him.

Another shocker was that he told me of an investment he did and needed money for something, it sounded real. I was foolish and in love and I though he really had no reasons to lie, he was supposed to pay back in like a week or so when everything was alright.

I cleared my account, the N250k I was saving for my house rent to give him.

The dude use that money to do his traditional wedding, so I contributed money for my boyfriend to do his wedding to his side chick.

I was kicked out of my house, I lost my job and my boyfriend got married.

I haven’t been normal ever since.

Please if you’re reading this, she needs your contribution and advice, she’s been through a lot of trauma and she could really use a shoulder to lean on.


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