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How Old is Maisie Williams “Arya Stark” of Games of Thrones?

Maisie Williams “Arya Stark” is a favourite char­ac­ter in the addic­tive TV series ‘Games of Thrones. She is much loved by fans as a result of the role she played. she showed brav­ery and intel­li­gence in her role as the sec­ond daugh­ter of Ned Stark. Her skills in using the sword giv­en by John Snow her halve broth­er is also anoth­er rea­son why she might be cred­it­ed as the best actress in this series. Sea­son eight, the final also points fin­gers at her as the most appeal­ing char­ac­ter of this series. She jumped out of nowhere to kill the Night Walk­er King wip­ing out the entire army of White Walk­ers and dead men.

Maisie arose spec­u­la­tion after get­ting down with Gendry, a skilled black­smith and the bas­tard son of late King Robert Baratheon. Many fans are won­der­ing how old she real­ly is and if such scene was fit for her age. Maisie sort to know what it feels to be tak­en and lost her vir­gin­i­ty to Gendry that night before the war with the Night Walk­ers.

Judg­ing by her looks Maisie Williams “Arya Stark” could be pre­dict­ed to be six­teen, maybe sev­en­teen years old, but in actu­al fact, the Eng­lish Actress is 22 years old. Iron­i­cal isn’t it?

At first when she was told by the direc­tors she’ll give her vir­gin­i­ty to Gendry, she thought it was a prank, Maisie also opened up that she cried in sea­son eight while shoot­ing scene of the long night fight with White Walk­ers.

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