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How to Get 50MB Daily to Browse Free on Opera Mini

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How to Get 50MB Daily to Browse Free on Opera Mini

It’s very easy to browse free on Opera Mini daily. This post will show you how to get free 50MB daily to browse your favorite websites and stay connected on social media.

We understand sometimes you might run out of data and may not be in the position to buy or borrow, that’s where Opera Mini free browsing comes in handy.

Opera mini is one of the most used browsers around the globe due to it’s built in mechanism that accelerate fast page loading.

Apart from it’s fast mechanism, Opera mini browsers also compress web pages for easy access and less data consumption.

It also blocks unnecessary ads and annoying pop-ups especially from malicious websites.

Now lets hit the point.

Opera Mini is awarding all it’s loyal users free daily 50MB to browse any website of their choice.

To browse free on Opera Mini you need to have an Airtel line, and download the latest Opera Mini browser.

It’s that simple and easy, each day you’ll get free 50MB for using opera mini.

Remember, you have to be an Airtel subscriber for you to have access to the free data.

Also enjoy the latest news and updates on opera mini news feed from over 1 million websites.

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