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How To Get Free Airtime For Data And Calls As You Browse On All Networks, Introducing MCent Browser

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Gone are the days of browsing on your phone with your favorite browsers and you end up by getting nothing in return. Today i will be introducing to you a browser that makes you earn airtime as you browse with it.

MCent Browser has come to stay with its latest airtime giveaway bonus.
MCent Browser is the first ever browser that pays users in points which can later be converted to airtime that can be used for subscriptions and calls.
The browser earning method is absolutely different from Geopoll where you have to wait for survey. MCent Browser is a standard browser and is completely stable, the more you browse with it, the more your points increases.
Firstly, let’s take a look at the features of the browser. Here are the features below:
Features of MCent Browser App

* Free mobile data.
* Ad block.
* Incognito Browsing.
* Home screen shortcuts.
* Bookmarks.
* Data save “Text only”.
* Browse history.
* Smart downloading.
* Tabbed browsing.
* AutoFill forms.
* Save for offline browsing.
* Smart and Personalized search.
* Reward for browsing.
Now let’s talk about where to get the browser and earn free points / Airtime with it.
How To Earn Points And Convert To Airtime On MCent Browser

It’s simple, all you have to do is to Download MCent Browser here. After that, register with your phone number and you are good to go.
Now to get more points / airtime with the browser.
1. Browse With The App: Browse your favourite websites using MCent Browser App and earn reward points. Once your point reach minimum of 1000 points kindly add it to your account and turn to airtime.
2. By Referring: You will be given a referrals link and if any person follows the link to download and install Mcent browser, you will be given 9,000 points instantly which you could cash out and turn to airtime at anytime. You can share your referral link on Facebook, Forums, WhatsApp, Blogs, Quora and so on to make people know about the app.
Note: The more people that join through your link, the more the airtime / reward points you get. And The more you browse with it, the more points / airtime you earn.
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