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How to Nurture Your Relationship and Make it Work

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The ability of your relationship to withstand and overcome turbulent situations is a factor of how matured you’ve made your relationship become. I grew up in a farm, so I understand what it takes to have good and profitable harvests.

Every seed has a maturity date to become a full grown tree, a tree that will bear edible fruits fo eat and healthy reproduce itself.

Some fruits takes months to grow, some years, varying from seed to seed, with no seed special than the other.

Some seed need a particular weather to help them grow while some will grow regardless of where they are planted. Regardless of how or where, all seeds will usually grow according to their biological composition and remain their uniqueness.

So also is our relationships. Some grow fast and yet matured. Some takes their time to grow and develop into maturity, yet still healthy.

Like the seeds, our relationships have to be watered and cared for, in order for us to be able to reap the best fruits.

If a farmer planted a seed and walk away from it expecting harvest, he’ll probably comes back to harvest thorns and weeds or nothing at all. No one start a relationship by sitting idle or sitting on the fence in hope that the relationship will grow on its own. Building a lasting and healthy relationship takes a lot of hard work. You have to be willing and be committed to your purpose to make marriage work.

No two seeds are ever the same, comparing your relationship with your spouse with another is the beginning of relationship breakdown. Using your parent’s or siblings relationship as a template or manual will sure lead your home into nothing but disasters. You are not your parent, neither you are your siblings and sure enough, you are not married to the same breed of man or woman.

Tap into what is unique about your relationship and start watering it to strengthen other areas of your weaknesses. Don’t assume that you will wake up one day and start reaping happiness and joy in your relationship without doing the hard work of love.

Whenever you think love is enough, think of the seed, will it be enough to reproduce itself if not planted and cared for? Successful marriage is possible… you just have to put your faith in love, commit to love, and respect that which you cannot change.

Define how you plant your words, actions and how you nurture your love garden. Decide the types of crop you wish to harvest, and like the farmer, commit your relationship and marriage unto God. Trust God’s mercy and grace for rain and the sun to help your love grow. If you are in doubt, ask the farmer, he’ll tell you hard work to him means nothing without rain and sunshine to help his seed grow.

It’s not enough to have a good seed, if the farmer won’t plant and nurture it for harvest.

Being loved will be fruitless, if you don’t pay attention to nurturing it.

Jame Ifeanyo Onuorah

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