Things Men Consider When Choosing a Wife

When Choosing a Wife

When choosing a wife, these are some of the things men considers, so ladies be on the look-out and learn something new.

1. “Ability To Hold Conversations

Men love to talk too. They value conversations with the one they love. No man wants to come home to a wife with whom he has nothing to say. He wants laughter, real talk, serious talk, engaging stories.”

2. Ability To Easily Turn On”

When choosing a wife, a man wants a sexy partner, a woman who easily pushes his buttons and he can look at and crave for. He wants to share forever and remain faithful to a sexy woman who connects with his kind of sexiness.

3. “Motherliness”

With marriage comes the possibility of having children; whether those children are biological or adopted. A man wants not just a good wife but a good mother. She has to have nurturing qualities. If she is a single mother, he studies how that woman treats her own child/ children.

4. “Ability To Improve Him”

A man needs a helper, he knows he needs help even though he may not admit it. He wants someone who will correct him with tender love, better him, inspire him, and encourage him, be his pillar pushing him to growth. He looks at the woman and asks “Besides being sexy and beautiful, what value can she add to my life?”

5. “Maturity”

Marriage is not for girls but grown women. A grown man looks for a grown woman to settle down with, a woman who has shed off her childish tendencies and wants something real. He will look at what excites her, how she carries herself; is she ready for a grown man’s love and responsibility, or is she still a girl in a woman’s body? He will not baby sit in marriage.

6. “Emotional Stability”

Everyone has emotions, even men; question is, do you have control over your emotions? A man wants a wife who will be true to her emotions but not allowing her emotions to influence her decisions. Is her temper out of control, is she an alcoholic, is she having low self-esteem, is she insecure in an unhealthy way? He doesn’t want an emotional wreck who is irrational, doing and saying things out of impulsive and misplaced emotions. He wants a solid and consistent woman, anchored in certainty, a Queen in charge of herself.


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