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How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

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the Spread of Coronavirus

Tips on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus which has no cure so far.

According to reports, the virus has spread to Africa and Ivory Coast just recorded a suspected case.

The Spread of Coronavirus is increasing, so be very watchful and careful as you indulge in your daily activities.

The following health tips is circulating on social media, though no cure has been found for the deadly Coronavirus, but you can stay alive using this tips.

Most Urgent,Very Serious, Important information.

Ministry of health’s emergency notification to the public that the Coronavirus influenza outbreak this time is very very serious & fatal. There’s no cure once you are infected.

Its spreading from China to various countries

Prevention method is to keep your throat moist, do not let your throat dry up. Thus do not hold your thirst because once your membrane in your throat is dried, the virus will invade into your body within 10 mins.

Drink 50-80cc warm water, 30-50cc for kids, according to age. Everytime u feel your throat is dry, do not wait, keep water in hand. Do not drink plenty at one time as it doesn’t help, instead continue to keep throat moist.

Till end of March 2020, do not go to crowded places, wear mask as needed especially in train or public transportation Avoid fried or spicy food and load up vitamin C.

The symptoms/ description are:

1.repeated high fever
2.prolonged coughing after fever
3.Children are prone
4.Adults usually feel uneasy,headache and mainly respiratory related*
5: highly contagious

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