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How to Block Your ATM Card When Stolen

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How to Block Your ATM Card When Stolen

It is no news that at times we misplace our ATM cards and at worst we got rubbed while in the bus, or on our way back from work, and so it’s important to block your ATM card immediately to prevent loss of funds.

This hoodlums work with hackers who can break into your accounts in minutes using software.

In a situation where your phone or ATM card is stolen or taken by force, do not struggle with the thief to avoid being injured or killed.

The code to block your bank account if ATM card is stolen is: *966911#*


Just dial *966911#* instantly from any available phone. You will be prompted to to enter your bank account number, which will automatically block any debit transactions in your bank account.

NOTE: you are expected to enter the bank account number linked to the stolen ATM card. This can be done with any available phone.

This code can also be used whenever there is any suspicious activities going on your bank account. Save your loved ones from untold victimization by sharing it with them all.

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