HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July

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HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July

HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July.

The sentencing of popular Nigerian fraudster, Ramon Abass, popularly known as Hushpuppi, has been postponed to July 1, 2022, by a United States District Court for the Central District of California.

Hushpuppi, who was set to be sentenced later this month, on February 14, 2022, has received a stay of execution following the intervention of his lawyers who entered a request for postponement, that was granted by the presiding judge, Otis D. Wright. 

“At the request of counsel, the sentencing is continued to July 11, 2022, at 11:00 a.m.,” the related court document said after the decision was taken on February 2.

The embattled social media socialite is set to remain behind bars until then. 

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Hushpuppi’s Arrest

HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July

Recall that Hushpuppi was arrested back in June 2020 alongside his associates at their residence in Dubai. They were arrested on allegations of fraud by the Dubai Police in an operation tagged “Fox Hunt 2”.

Hushpuppi is alleged to have defrauded over 1.9 million people monies amounting up to $432.6 million (168 billion).

On July 2, he was then sent to the FBI in the United States of America by means of extradition.

According to the FBI, an amount totalling almost $41 million in cash was confiscated during the arrest. The 39-year-old was also in possession of luxury vehicles amounting to the tune of $6.8 million, all of which were also seized by the US agency. 

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Hushpuppi Pleads Guilty, Faces 20 Years Behind Bars

The self-confessed fraudster has since agreed to plead guilty to money laundering charges levied against him by US authorities. He faces a 20-year prison sentence as things stand. 

Hushpuppi reportedly agreed to a plea deal with the US authorities and pled guilty to charges bordering on “conspiracy to engage in money laundering.”

This was contained in a partly redacted plea agreement document that went viral on social media on Wednesday evening, July 28. 

Bloomberg writer, Evan Ratliff who has been paying close attention to the case revealed in a tweet that Hushpuppi “will face up to 20 years in prison at sentencing.”

HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July

The leaked documents also state as such that the maximum statutory sentence that can be levied against Hushpuppi is 20 years. 

As earlier stated, Hushpuppi carried on quite the lavish lifestyle before his arrest last year. He was a popular figure on Instagram, the social media platform where he used to flaunt his aforementioned lifestyle. 

His Instagram page which was activated in 2012 boasts over 2.5 million followers. 

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Most of his posts included photos of his expensive vehicles including private jets, helicopters, yachts, choice designer outfit and jewellery. Other photos portrayed even more of his expensive lifestyle as he would be seen chilling in five-star hotels or high-end designer outlets buying even more luxury items. 

Hushpuppi Did Not Listen – Mompha

HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July

Following his arrest in 2020, much has been made of his friendship with fellow Instagram big boy, Ismail Mustapha, popularly known as Mompha. 

Mompha who was once a close associate of the internet fraudster stated in August 2021 that what caused Hushpuppi’s downfall was his stubbornness and inability to listen to advice from others. 

Mompha, who has in the past been arrested by the EFCC on money laundering and internet fraud allegations, made the above known in an interview with controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze. 

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According to the Dubai-based businessman, he has nothing to hide and cannot be implicated in Hushpuppi’s matter with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

HUSHPUPPI: US Court Postpones Sentencing Of Instagram Big Boy Till July

Mompha made this known to Daddy Freeze after revealing that many Nigerians have been mocking him saying that he would be roped into the fracas seeing as he was once a close ally of the embattled Hushpuppi. 

Mompha then revealed that he has in the past been grilled by FBI agents following his arrest by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) back in October 2019. 

However, they did not find any dirt on him. 

“People keep saying different kinds of nonsense. They don’t know when you’re big, you’re big. This same FBI that they keep talking about, they met and interrogated me in October 2019 at EFCC office…do you people think if I have something hidden, they would release me?” he queried.

“When Hushpuppi was arrested then, many told me that ‘you’re then next, FBI is coming for you.’ How many times will I hear that? I don’t know what is wrong with Nigerians.

“If Buhari indeed said ‘they are jobless’, then it’s the truth because they love bad stories. They’re always interested in anything bad.

“I’m not angry that whenever anything happens to Hushpuppi, people will start linking me with it because if I didn’t bring him from Malaysia, this won’t be an issue for me. But it’s normal.

“The only thing that f*cked him up is that he doesn’t listen to others and he is stubborn. In this life, if something happens to someone, you’re supposed to think of the next line of action… whether to maintain calm or not. In life, trial is inevitable but in his (Hushpuppi’s) case is that he no dey listen and he dey stubborn.”

Mompha is currently behind bars after he was re-arrested by the EFCC on grounds of a N6 billion fraud.

Mo Abudu Set To Make Movie About Hushpuppi

In August 2021, it was revealed that Nigerian movie mogul, Mo Abudu is set to co-produce a movie about the embattled Nigerian socialite. 

According to a report by a media outlet, Deadline, Mo Abudu, and American producer, Will Packer are set to make a movie about Hushpuppi based on a detailed Bloomberg article that was released last month. 

Bloomberg writer, Evan Ratliff followed the Hushpuppi case very closely and released the explosive article wherein he detailed the escapades of the former Instagram big boy.

Speaking on the project, Abudu said: “EbonyLife is uniquely positioned to ensure the depth and authenticity of this film. This is why we needed to partner with a major Hollywood producer like Will Packer Productions.



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