I Regret Sacrificing My Mother to Become Rich, I’m Suicidal – An Open Confession by Lady

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I Regret Sacrificing My Mother to Become Rich, I'm Suicidal - An Open Confession by Lady

I Regret Sacrificing My Mother to Become Rich, I’m Suicidal – An Open Confession by Lady.

A lady on Facebook told a devastating story of how she sacrificed her mother for wealth. She says her mother was a troubled woman so they had no choice but to sacrifice her. Now she regrets her decision and wishes she sacrificed herself instead. This is her story;

“Growing up was hard, I have four siblings. One older and the rest younger. We are all from the same womb but different fathers. My mom has been in countless relationships and with the relationship ending, I watch her lose a part of herself. Before she had a third child she was a well-respected primary teacher. When her third baby daddy left her she became a drunkard. She was given so many warnings at work before she got fired. She then became someone who is a tavern key. Used up all her money on alcohol. She was the community’s more and she even went as far as dating younger men who only needed her money while my brothers and I were starving at home.”

“We lived in 6 room house, it was old and falling apart. My mom fell pregnant with her fourth child. The baby daddy was a ben10 from the hood. He sucked my mother of her pension fund. He used her money to marry his girlfriend and then left my mom because he had sucked her dry.”

“Her late pregnancy was the most traumatic to me, she lost her mind when the ben10 left. She was in and out of psychiatric hospitals. She attempted to kill herself and the baby more than two times before we realized that she was mentally challenged. When she was pregnant we locked her in an empty room just for her and the baby’s safety. I know it might sound cruel but if we let her lose she would disappear for days, she would sleep on the street, and wouldn’t take her prenatal vitamins. Locking her in was the only way we could monitor. We starved and suffered a lot. She gave birth to a baby girl and we let her loose. It wasn’t a home birth. We heard screaming and when we ran to check up on her we realized it was time and we took her to the clinic where she gave birth.”

“I named my baby sister Molahlegi. Yes Molahlegi means a lost person and yes she was a lost child because my mom wanted nothing to do with her. Due to her mental illness, my mom used to stare at baby Molahlegi and call her names such as chicken, rat, monster, etc ” and I would see that she is genuinely terrified of the baby. At some point I once found her with a broomstick trying to protect herself from a harmless baby, screaming and hiding. That’s when I decided to step in as a mother. I became Molahlegi’s mom. I became the mother of the house.”

“I had to take care of everyone and that was the hardest thing I ever had to go through. I was 15 by the way. My mom was forever lost and I had to beg for food in the streets carrying a baby on my back. My brother was always in trouble for stealing food at the shops”.

“Eventually my elder brother got arrested. I got molested numeral times just because I was begging for food, some men would want weird favors. My life was a nightmare. I had to quit school because I needed to be a mother. I had big dreams and goals. My younger brother refused to go to school because I wasn’t going to school anymore. He was stubborn and much too young to understand that I had to quit school because I needed to take care of baby Molahlegi and him. My elder brother used to hide jail food in his clothes and share it with us when we went to visit him in jail. “

“He met an inmate whom he becomes close within the jail. He explained to him why he was giving us some of his food. The man then told him we could be rich instantly if we wanted to. All we have to do is sacrifice our mom since well she was lost already crazy. It took my elder brother months to convince me to go ahead with the idea.”

“Things kept getting harder and harder at home until I eventually gave in. My mother lived on the streets and she would curse at us every time we tried reaching out. Men forced themselves on her almost every day on the streets yet she wouldn’t come home.” I at that time thought it would be like saving her, I convinced myself that sacrificing her is exactly what she needs to end her miserable life. A weird man helped us with the rituals and a few days after my mother died, we received a lot of money.”

“The least I could do for her was give her a dignified and queenly burial. We are now living a comfortable life, house renovated and extended, hired a nanny for Molahlegi and I am back at school so is my little brother. We have everything we need but guilt still chokes me. My brother is still in jail because his last shoplifting included murder. How I wish I could see my mother one last time and apologize. I sometimes wish I had been the one that sacrificed instead of my mom. I have suicidal thoughts.

What is your advice for her?



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