“I Was N@ked When 4 Policemen Broke Into My Room, Hit Gun On My Forehead an Took Me Way” – Lady Cries Out For Justice

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A distressing incident of alleged police misconduct and violation has been brought to light by a woman residing in Akwa Ibom. The victim, who is identified as Prisca Ofonze, has come forward with a harrowing tale of harassment and extortion perpetrated by men claiming to be members of the Nigerian Police Force.

Prisca recounted the traumatic experience, explaining how a group of men forcefully entered her residence without a legal warrant, barging into her room while she was completely n@ked. To her dismay, her younger brother, Henry, was also subjected to the officers’ intrusive behavior, being unjustly accused of involvement in cybercrime.

Hailing from the Ikpa community in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, the 30-year-old hairstylist narrated what happened that fateful evening. It all began when she was in the midst of taking a shower, only to be interrupted by the sudden silence of her generator. Hastily grabbing a towel to cover herself, she hurriedly left the bathroom to find out the cause of the power outage. It was around 10 pm when she and her brother heard a series of forceful knocks at their door.

Prisca, signaling to Henry, who was seated in the living room, urged him to check who was at the door. Before he could reach the entrance, four men clad in police uniforms, armed with guns, forcibly broke into their apartment. Overwhelmed by fear, Prisca’s towel slipped from her chest, leaving her completely n@ked and vulnerable.

In a menacing manner, the armed intruders demanded that both Prisca and her brother surrender their mobile phones, all while baselessly accusing Henry of engaging in fraudulent activities commonly associated with internet scams (Yahoo Yahoo). Although Prisca desperately cried out for help, their pleas fell on deaf ears, as none of their neighbors came to their aid. Tragically, during the commotion, one of the officers struck Prisca’s forehead with the butt of his gun, causing her to bleed profusely.

When Prisca implored the officers to identify themselves, they provided conflicting claims, with one alleging they were from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and another asserting their affiliation with the Department of State Service (DSS). Moreover, they falsely accused Prisca of running an illicit operation within her home.

Prisca vehemently refuted these allegations, explaining that she is a hairstylist, with ample evidence of her trade strewn about the house, such as hair strands, wigs, and various hairdressing tools. Despite this, the officers insisted that Prisca and her brother accompany them to the police station, forcibly escorting them out of their residence and into a waiting vehicle. It was only after inspecting their phones that the officers eventually released them.

To Prisca’s dismay, they were callously abandoned at different locations in the dead of night, left stranded in unfamiliar area around 11 pm. Eventually, through their resourcefulness, they managed to secure a motorbike that transported them safely back to their residence.

This distressing incident serves as yet another grim reminder of the persistent issue of police brutality in Nigeria. Prisca’s account sheds light on the urgent need for authorities to address and rectify such flagrant violations of citizens’ rights, ensuring that those responsible are held accountable for their actions.

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