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If You Want to Get Married This Year, Then Read This (Ladies Only)

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A lot of ladies, are still single year in and year out because of pride and wrongs advice from friends and family. As a matured lady, ask yourself why you are still single and searching every year, we all know God’s time is the best, but their are some things that might be preventing God’s time.

Some ladies may have rejected God’s sent Husband due to their actions and inaction. As a lady, you must pray and seek God guardian before you Accept or Reject marriage proposal. Remember opportunity comes but once in a life time. Women are like flower they all have their time and season.

These are some of the mistakes and excuses women give that’s preventing them to marry on time.

You are not my type of Man please
Go and make money first, if you want to marry me
Shoe get size, abeg look for your size
Am not ready yet, let’s just be friend

Am waiting for my guy abroad
Am too young to get marry
I cannot get marry now, am still in school
I cannot marry a man from from your village or tribe
You are not tall enough or handsome
You are not Man enough
You cannot take care of Me

I need a rich Man, please go and make money
I’m still sexy and sweet, i want to enjoy my life
My family say i should not marry you
You do not attend my church, i cannot marry you
you are not a graduate, i cannot marry you
I’m looking for a business Man, i cannot marry a salary earner

You know ladies can give unnecessary excuses and turn down their destined husband without knowing. Remember that pride kills, so be humble and let God direct and lift you.


They told her to leave her husband because she’s worth more than him.

They told her she’s beautiful and successful, that a woman of her standard deserves a better man with a better job income and personality . She listened to them and abandoned her home.

It has been over 7 years since then and she’s still looking for a better man that matches her standard. The funniest part is that those friends who told her to leave her man are still with their own husbands, doing everything possible to save their homes.

Be very careful of who and where you take your relationship and marriage advice. The only advice you can get from a fool is a foolish advice. Anyone who recommends divorce or break up to you at every slight argument with your partner is an enemy that appears like friend.

A lazy man and a poor man are never the same. If a man doesn’t have today does not mean he will be lacking for life. As long as he’s GOD fearing, loving, caring, and appreciative of your efforts, you don’t have to worry yourself. There are only two ways to regret in life. BEFORE AND AFTER. A woman who choose never to be patience for a while might ends up enduring for life. Marriage is not a bed of roses.


Don’t Marry Because of SEX,
Don’t Marry because you are getting OLD,
Don’t Marry because you are of AGE,
Don’t Marry because you are LONELY,
Don’t Marry because you Need someone to Support you FINANCIALLY.

Don’t Marry because you Mistakenly Got PREGNANT for Him,

Don’t Marry because you don’t want to LOSE the person

Don’t Marry because of Family PRESSURES,
Don’t Marry because you Like the IDEA Of Marriage,
Don’t Marry because of PITY or Out of PITY,
Don’t Marry because of TRIBE,
Don’t Marry because you Admire a WEDDING GOWN you See,
Don’t Marry because you Love KIDS,
Don’t Marry because all your Friends are getting Married,
Don’t Marry because of Physical/ Academic Qualifications.

But Marry Because you want to Fulfill DESTINY.
A word is enough for the wise, Always Remember that God demote the pride and lift the humble.

Are You Ready For Marriage?

Please do the needful…

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