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In a Bid to Get Famous – Boys Now Copy Bobrisky

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Who says youths are lazy?

Nigerian youths are so creative, probably due to the harsh economy and lack of jobs in the Country. While some engage in what they term as youth empowerment (BET 9JA), others like Romeo Bauer turn to make-up to earning a living.

Romeo Bauer

Romeo happens to be a make-up artist who currently resides in Abuja, the centre of Nigeria.

Though most of his fans criticize him for copying the popular cross dresser Bobrisky, yet it seems this may be his only option of getting famous and sell out his profession.

Romeo Bauer

Romeo is not the only guy seeking attention by copying Bob.

We have seen cases like that of a Nigerian corper who totally transformed after a professional make-up.

Can we then say Bobrisky is influencing this youths?

If yes, is this a positive influence? I’ll leave you to your answer..

Here are screenshot of comments:

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