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Joke – Husband and Wife quarrelling

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Wife is Rageful Towards Her Husband
A man and his wife quarreled.
 After the fight, the wife went into the bedroom, and a few minutes later, the husband also trooped into the bedroom only to find the wife busy packing her suitcase! 

He asked “You are packing! Where are you going?” She answered “To my mother”

The man paused for a while and also got his big brown pure leather suitcase & started packing his clothes. 
The angry wife stared at him and said “You are packing! Where are you going?” He replied “Oh yeah! I”m going to my mother!”

The wife replied, “To your mother???!! And what about our 6 children?! Who is going to look after them?” 
The man replied, “You are going to your mother! I’m going to my mother. Our 6 children should also go to their mother!!
Equation balanced.

You are smiling…

You should also put a smile on someone face.
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