Kenya Strongman Weds 2 Brides in Colourful Wedding (Photos)

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Weddings are beautiful but they can be equally shocking and dramatic. Polygamous weddings are mostly witnessed in Muslim societies or traditional weddings and rarely in churches.

Most churches uphold that the union is only between two. Despite these rules and staunch laws, a Kajiado man yesterday got hitched in a colorful event with his two wives.

The two wives were all glam in similar gowns and seemed to have waited for the day longer than we can think of.

Like a usual wedding, their union was blessed by religious leaders and the attendants cheered them on.

What happens to ‘you may now kiss the bride moment’? Who goes first? Well that is just a thought. But my curiosity did not get an answer from this particular wedding but from one that was almost similar.

Everyone gets an equal share only that in this other wedding which happened earlier this year in Abia State, the brides scrambled for the moment.

Man wedding two wives in Abia State

The Kajiado wedding has many in attendance and the bridal  party was on a whole rare level of excitement.

Initially Kenyans used to keep if private if they prefer a polygamous union but ever since it was legalized in the country they have all been able to  celebrate in whatever manner they desire.

This freedom is beautiful but from a personal opinion; a marriage of more than two could attract more chaos than the  happily ever after.


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