kim kardashian a Legal Practitioner now?

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kim kardashian a legal practitioner now??

As you all know, the famous Kardashian sisters are always in the News for one reason or the other.

The above photo was shared by the most famous Kardashian sister, kim -Kardashian West, via her instagram handle. it looks as though, kim’s love for the Law, and the American justice system took a new height. sources gathered that, the most famous kardashian sister, and reality star, took to her social media handle to make the big announcement, that she was going to pursue her dreams studying law. The big news left our mouth wide open. I mean.. we all thought she was only good at being a “Hot Mom” to four super kids, and ofcourse a fashion icon! but, it seems we are completely wrong!

The above picture captioned….

” Last week I was so moved by Dr. @marcmhoward , a Georgetown professor who teaches a course inside of a Washington DC prison where these men and women can get Georgetown credit. I met so many amazing people that can’t wait to share their stories with you. We filmed a documentary I am working on that will be out on @oxygen and I hope you will learn about the justice system the way I have “

Well, all we can say is… Goodluck Kim!!! job well done!!

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