February 29, 2024

1 thought on “Kumuyi Respond to Pope Francis’ Approval of Same-Sex Blessings

  1. This your report is outdated. In fact, it is a product of cut and nail journalism that does not see between the lines before publishing and would not retract falseful publications.

    You could read and misunderstand that the Pope gave approval to blessing of same sex marriage but never understood that he did not constitute, approve the constitution of same sex marriage or bless same sex marriage but bless people in same sex marriage but not the marriage like he does to all human in the understanding that the blessing he administer to people of all kinds is not his but God’s.

    Still your journalism did not see, hear or report that the Pope, thereafter, decreed to the Catholic Church that no Priest, Bishop or Arc Bishop should constitute or bless same sex marriage because of your malicious antagonism against the Catholic faith.

    You can do but very minute against God’s Truth because He is overwhelmingly omnipotent and omniscient.

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