Love360 – Falling in Love with the Wrong Person

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Some of us were brought up in a home where the whole family gets up at 5am for devotion every single day, even on sundays. A family where the prayer culture has eaten deep into you, so strongly that even when you’re not home you still get up at 5am to spend your morning with God. Devotion is like a default mood to you, a second love.

And then, you fall in love with someone you met at the shopping mall, someone who does not even consider ‘grace before meal’ as an important part of a Christians’ prayer life, let alone observe morning devotions, or see it as a priority and that looks okay to you.

… Raised by parents who made it a duty to hold bible study meetings at home so you can learn the application of the word. We never missed your pastor’s sermon on TV, our parents will gather us in the sitting room with bibles and made sure we open to every scripture reference from the pastor ministering on TV and we would study it together as the sermon goes on. We know every book of the Bible, familiar with some of our favourite chapters, the word has sunk deep into us, like fire in our bones.

And then, we step out and meet someone on campus, someone who does not even know that Genesis comes before Exodus, someone who does not know the first 4 books of the new testament, or the powerful lesson behind Paul’s conversation.

We fall in love, and that feels okay to us.
Love just blinds us.

…It doesn’t occur to us that we’re not of the same kind.
…It doesn’t matter whether their faith matches ours or not.
…We are not concerned about their level of knowledge of God’s word.
…We are not careful to check if we will be stronger with them than we already are on our own, or if they will even let us love our God jejeli on our own if we stick with them. We just fall in love, butterflies crowding our stomach, and it feels okay to us.

This is where our relationships and marriages started to fail.
Let it end with you.
Leave their kind to their kind.

#James Ifeanyi Onuorah.

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