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Married Women Use this JUJU to Handle A Cheating and Abusive Husband

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Women Use this JUJU

Married Women Use this JUJU to Handle A Cheating and Abusive Husband.

A lady went to a man of God complaining bitterly, that she is tired and sick of her marriage, according to her, there is no day that her husband will not beat her no matter what she does to please the man, mostly when the man is drunk.

After narrating the whole story to the man of God, and expecting prayers, the man of God went in and brought a liquid substance and gave to the woman as the remedy to her predicament.

How to use it, any time your husband returns, take a little and don’t allow it to fall from your mouth, even if your husband returns home 10times in a day, do it 10 times in a day, she went home, around 7 pm her husband arrived, she ran quickly and do as she was directed.

Her husband shouted, where is this stupid woman? no response because of the medicine in the mouth, ebee ka ewu zonbia no? no response, instead she ran quickly to the kitchen and brought food for the man.

All the noise that night and shouting from the husband, there was no response and no beating.

Waooo this medicine is powerful, she used it for 3 weeks no beating, her husband was confused, how come? My wife? no insult? hmmm.

After one month, the medicine finished and the woman quickly ran to the pastor for more, when the man of God saw the woman coming with a smiling face he laughed and told her I know it works, she said yes sir I need more, the pastor told her, you’re the cause of your predicament, your mouth is the cause of your problem, what I gave to you is ordinary water,go back and amend your ways, your husband will change as you continue to control your mouth.

The woman was shocked to her foundation, she went home and maintained the instruction given to her, one day her husband called her and promise not to lay his hand on her, since she has decided to be a changed woman. That was how peace began to reign in their marriage.

Is not everything that is every problem in marriage that is from your village people, many people are the one causing the problem in their relationship.

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Women Use this JUJU
Women Use this JUJU
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