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I Stopped Sleeping with My Wife Because She’s Dirty and Rude, Now I Want Her Back, Please Help

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Sleeping with My Wife

I Stopped Sleeping with My Wife Because She’s Dirty and Rude, Now I Want Her Back, Please Help.


Three years ago, I stopped sleeping with my wife of six years. The reason then was simple. Although I was having an affair the major one being that she was dirty and rude. There was nobody she didn’t report me to. After some years, she became trendier, neater as well as more respectful to me.

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Unfortunately at the time she made up her mind to change, I wasn’t interested in her anymore but I didn’t want to divorce her because of the children.I needed her at home to care for the children. Having grown up in a polygamous home, I didn’t want my children going through what I went through.I however made up my mind to resume sexual activity with her early last month but I noticed she wasn’t too eager. I expected that she would be after years of begging me to share her bed. She actually stopped begging me to have sex with her in January this year.

At first I didn’t bother but when it persisted, I told a friend of mine who was so certain that she was having an affair.I asked her if she was sleeping with another man behind me, she denied it but asked if I had the right to ask her such a question anymore.I ignored her but made up my mind to investigate. There was nothing to suggest she was. Besides, I thought she wouldn’t have the guts to cheat on me because I married her as a village girl and a virgin. She lacked the sophistication of the city woman which was part of the problem we were having.

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But about two weeks ago, by accident, I had gone to see my boss along Adeniyi Jones in Ikeja when I decided to stop over to eat at a local restaurant around that area. The setting was very formal and neat. I was still waiting for my order to be served when my wife walked in with this man who looked very much like a very top manager in a company. They drove into the place with this latest Toyota Camry.She didn’t notice me at first but I made sure she did when I walked up to her to demand what she was doing with another man in a public place.She didn’t bother to answer me; instead they got up and left me standing.

By the time I got home, she was already home, packed and ready to leave. She didn’t bother to deny that she and the man I met her with were dating. She told me the man was ready to marry her and that as soon as her people refunded the bride price I paid on her, she would marry the man. I didn’t even know she was in school, University of Lagos and in her third year. She also has a flourishing shop, a fashion outfit near her school. She said, it was only in January this year, she agreed to date the man I met her with even though he had been disturbing her since he rescued her from a suicide attempt three years ago.

According to her, he helped her gain admission into the University of Lagos to get her mind off her matrimonial challenges and got her the shop to give her financial independence. She said, since she has made up her mind to be intimate with this other man, she no longer has any space in her heart for me. I found out all these from her in the process of explaining to my friends how far apart we had grown.

Please, I have realised I don’t want her to go and I’m ready to do anything to ensure we live as man and wife again. I have since discharged the woman in my life and have been pleading with her to have a change of mind but she insists she is fed up. My parents, especially my father blames me for whatever decision she has made concerning our marriage. I know I wronged her but I have suddenly realised that she means so much to me.

How do I get her back?

Worried Husband.

Advice him…..

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Sleeping with My Wife
Sleeping with My Wife
Sleeping with My Wife
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