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Meet Neymar’s lookalike sister who share creepy tattoos with the footballer

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Rafaella Santos is Neymar’s younger sister who was sheer excited at her brother’s stoppage-time goal in the 2-0 group win against Costa Rica that she reportedly collided with a friend and injured herself – you can now imagine the excitement that must have gripped her in celebration of her look-alike brother’s goal. Neymar and his sister have a thing about each other that the world are craving to know about.

Most modern millennials wear their scores of tattoos with pride, illustrating their lives on the skin they walk in. Neymar, the young and promising Brazilian forward, is no different. Boasting both a glittering international football career, and the obligatory sleeves that seem to go with it, Neymar is an impressively decorated man. But a portrait tattoo of his sister, Rafaella, has people questioning over his taste in tattoos.

Neymar and his 20-year-old little sister, Rafaella Beckran – who reportedly changed her surname in homage to David Beckham – are closer than close. When Neymar faced scrutiny after Barcelona crashed out of the Champions League in 2014, the shaken football star posted a sweet sentiment online, nailing his unconditional love for his sister to the mast. The message, which sounded suspiciously like a crap Valentine’s Day card, read: My heart is yours, my love is yours, my smile is yours, my day, my night, my longing, my best company. They’ve even starred alongside one another in a television commercial for beats by Dre.

Things started to get a little strange when Rafaella, in response to Neymar’s indelible tribute, got a matching tattoo in honour of her big brother. But, this time, the fashionist and blogger zoomed in on a specific part of Neymar’s anatomy; the very windows to her brother’s soul. His eyes. Getting the ink on the underside of her arm, Rafaella shared her experience with her fans. While the artwork isn’t exactly what you’d call shoddy – and I imagine a big piece like this cost hundreds of dollars – the concept is undeniably a little bit weird. The watery eyes of one of the world’s greatest footballers sit, pride of place, in his sister’s armpit. Look at it this way, Neymar’s squinting stare is now forever going to shoot death glances at any potential suitor who encounters Rafaella.

I just hope the ink comically raises its brows every time she flexes her bicep. Saying that there is a charming tradition in tattooing to ink portrait of your nearest and dearest, keeping them close for essentially all eternity, and clearly Neymar loves his sister very much. After all, blood is thicker than water, and what better way of demonstrating the importance of family than carving the image of your sibling into your skin?

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