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Meet Neymar’s looka­like sis­ter who share creepy tat­toos with the foot­baller

Rafael­la San­tos is Neymar’s younger sis­ter who was sheer excit­ed at her brother’s stop­page-time goal in the 2–0 group win against Cos­ta Rica that she report­ed­ly col­lid­ed with a friend and injured her­self – you can now imag­ine the excite­ment that must have gripped her in cel­e­bra­tion of her look-alike brother’s goal. Ney­mar and his sis­ter have a thing about each oth­er that the world are crav­ing to know about.

Most mod­ern mil­len­ni­als wear their scores of tat­toos with pride, illus­trat­ing their lives on the skin they walk in. Ney­mar, the young and promis­ing Brazil­ian for­ward, is no dif­fer­ent. Boast­ing both a glit­ter­ing inter­na­tion­al foot­ball career, and the oblig­a­tory sleeves that seem to go with it, Ney­mar is an impres­sive­ly dec­o­rat­ed man. But a por­trait tat­too of his sis­ter, Rafael­la, has peo­ple ques­tion­ing over his taste in tat­toos.

Ney­mar and his 20-year-old lit­tle sis­ter, Rafael­la Beck­ran – who report­ed­ly changed her sur­name in homage to David Beck­ham – are clos­er than close. When Ney­mar faced scruti­ny after Barcelona crashed out of the Cham­pi­ons League in 2014, the shak­en foot­ball star post­ed a sweet sen­ti­ment online, nail­ing his uncon­di­tion­al love for his sis­ter to the mast. The mes­sage, which sound­ed sus­pi­cious­ly like a crap Valentine’s Day card, read: My heart is yours, my love is yours, my smile is yours, my day, my night, my long­ing, my best com­pa­ny. They’ve even starred along­side one anoth­er in a tele­vi­sion com­mer­cial for beats by Dre.

Things start­ed to get a lit­tle strange when Rafael­la, in response to Neymar’s indeli­ble trib­ute, got a match­ing tat­too in hon­our of her big broth­er. But, this time, the fash­ion­ist and blog­ger zoomed in on a spe­cif­ic part of Neymar’s anato­my; the very win­dows to her brother’s soul. His eyes. Get­ting the ink on the under­side of her arm, Rafael­la shared her expe­ri­ence with her fans. While the art­work isn’t exact­ly what you’d call shod­dy – and I imag­ine a big piece like this cost hun­dreds of dol­lars – the con­cept is unde­ni­ably a lit­tle bit weird. The watery eyes of one of the world’s great­est foot­ballers sit, pride of place, in his sister’s armpit. Look at it this way, Neymar’s squint­ing stare is now for­ev­er going to shoot death glances at any poten­tial suit­or who encoun­ters Rafael­la.

I just hope the ink com­i­cal­ly rais­es its brows every time she flex­es her bicep. Say­ing that there is a charm­ing tra­di­tion in tat­too­ing to ink por­trait of your near­est and dear­est, keep­ing them close for essen­tial­ly all eter­ni­ty, and clear­ly Ney­mar loves his sis­ter very much. After all, blood is thick­er than water, and what bet­ter way of demon­strat­ing the impor­tance of fam­i­ly than carv­ing the image of your sib­ling into your skin?

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