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Meet the Curvylicious Lady Who Only Dress in Blue & Drives Blue Cars

When i say Nigerian ladies got swagg, there will say i just like hyping them, here is another proof…

Ladies are known to like red dresses, but she’s different, she prefers blue and I’m sure she has her reasons, her photo have been trending online so we did a little digging about her, I mean you wouldn’t blame me, it’s what we do.

Her name is Happiness and she loves everything blue, from blue gowns to blue hand bags and blue cars, she even got a blue wristwatch to match, she’s our lady blue.

Her tight gown reveals her round structure and you can tell she’s got a bright future behind. According to source, she is a Nollywood Movie Director. Stick around and we’ll bring you more details about her.

Enjoy more eye popping photos of her:

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