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Michael Crossland Speech Shows How Pursuing Your Dreams is Quite Important

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Michael Crossland was formally in the finance sector, but walked away to pursue his ambition of impacting on lives of people. Michael have traveled around the world touching lives of people with his passion for humanity. He has shared his journey with all walks of life, from professional athletes to troops in Iraq, the 911 victims to senior executives of some of the worlds largest companies.

Michael is a perfect example of what it means to pursue your dream and live in your own world, not what people expect of you, but what you want. A lot of young people out there are living  another person’s dream, they are afraid of making mistakes and scared of people calling them failure. I have made mistakes along the way, but what gets me back on track is my knowing that making mistakes is part of learning process.

I hope Michael Crossland speech inspires you!

“Today marks 8 years since the day I walked away from the corporate world to follow my dreams to make a global impact. People laughed at me and said I was crazy! Now I am proud to have shared my journey across 22 countries, audience numbers exceed 600,000 worldwide. Opened a school and orphanage in Haiti, became National Ambassador for 5 different charities, worked with pro athletes in Australia and the USA, bought my beautiful mum a house, built a beachside respite centre for sick kids and their families, got married to my angel, published my autobiography which is a best seller in 6 countries, have featured across 200 media channels, queens baton bearer for the commonwealth games, one of my talks was viewed by nearly 40 million people and without a doubt the greatest achievement of all “I became a dad”… People will only tell you what you can’t do, however it’s your choice to listen! All smiles”

Abel Wealth.

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