Mobility with Attitude – Mercedes Maybach SUV – Leaked pictures and video reveal car’s controversial new design

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LEAKED pictures reveal the design for the Mercedes-Maybach SUV ahead of its world debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2018.

Mercedes Maybach Ultimate Luxury SUV leaked pictures reveal car’s design ahead of its world debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2018, pictures of the Mercedes Maybach SUV have leaked online.
From the leaked content, the car is seemingly inspired by the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6  concept car, which debuted in 2016.
It borrows the grille headlights and overall sleek presence but stetched over an SUV shape.
Separately, the different elements of the car are really nicely designed.
The alloys look like jet engine turbines, it has a sleek chrome grille, blade like LED headlamps and panoramic glass roof, all of which are stunning design features but set into this bizarre SUV-Coupe shape, something looks a little off.
While the front of the car looks luxurious the back looks accidental.
The interior looks suitably more luxurious
The new car will debut at the Beijing Auto Show 2018
Of course, this doesn’t really matter as either way it will achieve the desired effect which is to gain people’s attention, as the Maybach name is synonymous with luxury.
Inside the car is a distinct improvement.
It looks spacious, luxurious and extensively kitted out from the tea seat in the rear compartment to the MBUX-inspired driver cockpit and rose gold and white leather seat designs.
Dubbed the Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury, the SUV will also be all-electric – although specs and performance details are yet to be divulged.
“The concept vehicle embodies the Mercedes-Maybach design language, which reflects the traditional brand values while continuing the successful Mercedes-Maybach story,” said Mercedes.
“To tie in with this the Design Team has created a furniture collection, which reflects the design idiom, form and material mix of the show car.”
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