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Mobility with Attitude (MWA) – What is the most expensive SUV available on the market today?

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Aditra Purnawan
impassioned in cars since 3 years old

26w ago
It has to be Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet.
A handcrafted V12 6.0L mounted there producing 621 hp output. Who cares about its performance and acceleration when you got all these luxuries?
You’re going to be driven, anyway.
It has a sticker price of $550,000. Before options.
Bentayga who?

EDIT: Since the last 99 units of G650 Landaulet has been sold out, it’s not available again on the market. And…. The throne would be back to Bentley Bentayga.
With the price less than half of the Landaulet, at about $233,000 without options.
Jarod Bianti
35+ year Jeeper and public land use advocate
26w ago
I used the exact wording of your question and came up with 20+ links to read within a nano second.
John Doe
Real Estate Investor (2005-present)
9w ago
My Hummer H1. I wouldn’t sell it, but if I did it wouldn’t be for anything less than $40MM (it didn’t cost that much but if someone offered me that much I would take it)

1200 ft lbs and 800 hp
tuning so I can to get 20 MPG and can go 1200 miles before fill up or go 0–60 in under 6 seconds depending the situation.
The finest luxuries, it beats any Maybach
Hardened against EMP’s
An enough armament to survive a zombie apocalypse
Thermal,IR, Night Vision with HUD displays covering 360 degrees.
Highest rated civilian armor you can get (B7)
Conquest Vehicles | Car Trader – here’s one that’s not quite as nice as mine but looks bad ass…it’s $800k
Jackson Liu
Automobile Enthusiast
23w ago
It would be this Infiniti QX60 AWD. Infinit of Grand Rapids is asking for $5.254M for this vehicle, so my technicality, that would make it the most expensive.
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