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Mr Eazi goes gaga for Otedola’s daugh­ter

As a strug­gling musi­cian just find­ing his feet on the music ter­rain,  and dat­ing a daugh­ter of a bil­lion­aire,  how exact­ly do you impress her? This was prob­a­bly the des­per­ate attempt Star­boy artiste, Mr Eazi was try­ing to make when he poured out his heart in a new song titled ‘Prop­er­ty’  ded­i­cat­ed to Temi Otedola and made avail­able on his Insta­gram.

Or who else could he be refer­ring to in the song? It’s only Temi that is on the ‘Leg over’ crooner’s roman­tic hori­zon or is there anoth­er woman? Davi­do won so many hearts when he gave ‘Assur­ance’ to Chioma Row­land, and in this new song, which the video just dropped, Eazi calls the woman which many believe is Temi, “My prop­er­ty” while call­ing his own ‘Assur­ance’, ‘Author­i­ty’ “ I know I don’t have so much but I wan­na give her all my present and future prop­er­ty. I want it all in her name. I don’t want it in my name. Baby, all of my prop­er­ty, I give you author­i­ty,” so the song goes and its impos­si­ble not to think the singer was refer­ring to one of the heiress­es of the Otedola’s estate. It is open secret that the duo have been dat­ing for quite some­time, and with Temi’s bilil­ionare father in the know. Oil mag­nate Femi Otedola is that inter­net savvy not to be that wet behind the ears. He’s Insta­gram account is as active as the next enter­tain­er on the spin.

But dat­ing a daugh­ter of a bil­lion­aire is not always going to be easy as fun­ny whis­pers are bound to be going on and sure­ly it is going to be such a huge task to prove you are not just anoth­er wolf look­ing for the next meal. Mr Eazi has done right by him­self. His career is on the up and up but it is going to be such an ardu­ous task to keep with the pace of the Otedolas. And in some not-too-nice ways his fans and haters alike have been bend­ing his ears to the word out there.

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