When I think of the depth of the grave and the pounds of sand that will be thrown at us, no need to harm my brother;

When I think of the darkness that will invade the grave after closing, no need to hurt my sister;

When I think of the heat repressed by the soil and the amount of water that will drown me during the rains in this tomb, I cannot make my neighbor suffer;

When I think that I will be alone abandoned by all, I prefer to enjoy communion when I am alive;

When I think that my relationships are mowed by my past, I wish to perfect my future;

If I could be reborn to resume everything from scratch, I would no longer make mistakes in my actions.

Because after a long meditation I understood that All is vanity on earth
May God help us to cultivate humility and the love of our neighbor because vanity of vanity, everything is vanity.

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