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My Sister is 3 Months Pregnant with my Daughter/Niece – Mum Doesn’t Know

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A Twitter user has shocked many after he revealed he is having a  relationship with his little sister .According to him,some call it inccest ,but they call it fate.

He tweets;

“Me and my sister have a love that goes beyond the legal system. Some call it inccest, we call it fate

Our parents don’t know but they will soon cuz she actually 3 months pregnant with my daughter/niece.

Me and my baby sister. Cutest couple ever. I love her . The world will never understand the bond we have.

Honestly I didn’t know dating your half siblings was a bad thing. We’re foreign we don’t understand these things

It ain’t inccests if we only half related

Ok but that is my baby sister and we is bleeping so what else should I say?! Lol”

He also posts videos of her twerking for him.

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2 thoughts on “My Sister is 3 Months Pregnant with my Daughter/Niece – Mum Doesn’t Know

  1. Genetic defects are the main reason why incest is illegal. Children born of incest are very likely to have birth defects. Go see a doctor and get tests done for Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other similar issues.

  2. This is natural in Islamic religion. My friend invited me to her house on a Friday night. She told me she was attracted to her older brother, we were both 17 years when she told me her bedroom secrets.. I asked her why she did it.. she said at 11 she and her brother did sexual encounters.. she was 11-12…
    After a year, she was having sex with her father, He was touching her at the age of 5-6-7- 8… she enjoyed everything… she didn’t want me to expose her.. But in the Islamic world,,, they don’t see this as incest…
    I didn’t judge her.. it’s reality

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