November 29, 2023

2 thoughts on “My Sister is 3 Months Pregnant with my Daughter/Niece – Mum Doesn’t Know

  1. Genetic defects are the main reason why incest is illegal. Children born of incest are very likely to have birth defects. Go see a doctor and get tests done for Autism, Downs Syndrome, and other similar issues.

  2. This is natural in Islamic religion. My friend invited me to her house on a Friday night. She told me she was attracted to her older brother, we were both 17 years when she told me her bedroom secrets.. I asked her why she did it.. she said at 11 she and her brother did sexual encounters.. she was 11-12…
    After a year, she was having sex with her father, He was touching her at the age of 5-6-7- 8… she enjoyed everything… she didn’t want me to expose her.. But in the Islamic world,,, they don’t see this as incest…
    I didn’t judge her.. it’s reality

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