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The Simplest Ways To Fix Scratches And Cracks On Your Phone’s Screen

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Your phone’s screen is the most vulnerable part of the phone. It is therefore very important to keep it with all the care you can and put in measures to prevent it from cracking. However, if you’re not able to do this, you need to learn how you can simply fix cracked phone screen.

Fix cracked phone screen

With these simple methods, your mobile device’s screen may not gain its full health back but at east, you’ll be able to hide these scratches and cracks.
Yes! You read it right. Toothpaste doesn’t just give you that fresh breath. It also hides those little cracks and scratches on your phone too. Smear a little amount of paste on a cloth or cotton and rub it gently on the scratch. Make sure you avoid contact with headphone sockets, buttons or other vulnerable parts of your device.
Vegetable oil
Don’t worry, you are not going to fry your phone. Using oil will hide the scratch but won’t fix it entirely. Just rub a little over the scratch andit will hide it completely. The oil will rub off at some point and you’ll just have to repeat the process.

This is a tutoril website that gives you a plethora of ways to fix various issues including a cracked screen. I’m sure this will help out.
Get it fixed by an expert

You may have to see an expert to fix cracked phone screen. Even though it may cost you a few Cedis, it’s a good permanent fix. Alternatively, you should get a new phone.
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