NARROW ESCAPE: How President Buhari Escaped Death During Visit To Kaduna

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NARROW ESCAPE: How President Buhari Escaped Death During Visit To Kaduna

NARROW ESCAPE: How President Buhari Escaped Death During Visit To Kaduna.

Accompanied by the state governor, Nasir el-Rufai, the president recounted how he almost lost his life while passing through Kaduna in 2014.

Speaking on the incident, Buhari recalled with nostalgia how he narrowly escaped a bomb attack near the Kawo bridge, while traveling to Katsina State during the time.

Buhari who was at the newly constructed Kawo bridge executed by the El-Rufai administration said ”there was an attempt to bomb me here…there was a market nearby.”….but his security escort were vigilant.

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Meanwhile, the finally completed Kawo bridge had become a cynosure, which has attracted many tourists to Kaduna since its completion. 

As part of his visit to Kaduna, President Buhari also commissioned the ultra-modern sports and shopping complex at Murtala Square Kaduna, where he reiterated the likelihood of his staying in Kaduna after leaving office. 

On the projects he commissioned, the President commended the foresight and developmental strides of the el-Rufai administration.

He also pointed out that Kaduna would be difficult for a long-time visitor to recognize.

President Buhari who arrived in Kaduna the previous day was in Kafanchan, Southern Kaduna where he appreciated the numerous projects he commissioned and thanked the Governor for building good roads and other infrastructural projects in rural parts of the state. 

Buhari and his entourage led by Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, were expected to be in Zaria in continuation of the project commissioning.

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NARROW ESCAPE: How President Buhari Escaped Death During Visit To Kaduna

In other news, the governor of Delta State, Dr Ifeanyi Okowa has come under fire over his successor.

In 2023, the people of Delta state will take to the polls to elect a new governor.

However, there are concerns that the state governor has interests in selecting a candidate.

This has been frowned upon by some top persons in the state one of which is Ekene Ozuagbu, a public affairs commentator and political analyst.

In a statement, Ozuagbu described a rally said to be organised under the auspices of Delta Peoples Vanguard on Saturday, January 15, as “a death knell for democracy, particularly for the Peoples Democratic Party in Delta State.”

According to him, “Curiously, the event was held at the Government Field, Agbor, the very door mouth of the Delta State Governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa, and apparently by his instigation and sponsorship.

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“The rally had this one tag: “On Okowa we stand.” The meaning is that only Okowa can decide for the PDP who will be its flag bearer for the 2023 Governorship election.”

The political analyst also alleged that earlier some party members had been threatened not to identify with the aspiration of any aspirant until the Governor reveals whom he wants to succeed him.

He added, “The implication of this aberration is grave not only for the PDP in Delta State, for democracy in Nigeria but as well for the whole concepts of party membership and adult suffrage.

“Conceding a monopoly of power to one person to decide for the whole of the party represents the lowest ebb of democratic civilisation for which the Delta PDP, perhaps Delta State as a whole, can never recover from, for it tips the party into the realms of despotism and tyranny and enmasculates the whole party members, organs, elders and leaders from contributing in its affairs.

“It is sad that this anomaly is even being driven by the condescension and complicity of those who should know better to protect the party and the tenets of democracy from such tendency.

“It is common knowledge that when former Governor Emmanual Uduaghan attempted to unilaterally foist a candidate on the party in 2015, the party elders, officials and leaders stood against such arbitrariness and came together to defend that fundamental tenet of democracy, the freedom of the people to choose. 

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“The beneficiary was Okowa himself. What then has changed now for Okowa to insist on being the only one to decide who succeeds him? Is it the Machiavellian axiom of power corrupting and corrupting absolutely?” he questioned.

Ozuagbu however said “The strength of the Delta PDP had always been in mutual respect by leaders for the rights and privileges of one another. Therefore, for one man to now want to constitute himself as the Alpha and Omega simply introduces poison into the system.

“Okowa has enjoyed all rights and privileges of the party since 1999. Who now is he fighting?  What does he want? 

“He did say, himself, that it is only God that can pick a leader and, as they say, the voice of the people is the voice of God. For him to now want to be the only and exclusive voice in deciding who gets the PDP ticket is therefore tantamount to playing God. The real God is watching.”



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