Nigerian man allegedly dies after his brother killed a lizard in the middle of the night (photos)

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A Nigerian man has shared the story of how his brother passed away after a lizard was killed

The revealed that he killed a lizard that appeared by his bedside and his brother died

Stories of strange occurrences are not uncommon in Nigeria. There have been stories about animals transforming into human beings who later confess to performing witchcraft, stories about people who die after sleeping with someones’ wife or husband.
We come across one of those strange stories and this story ended tragically for a family. It is the story of how a man passed away after his brother allegedly killed a lizard in the middle of the night.
According to Facebook user Rabbai Ephraim Ononye, the unidentified man who killed a lizard in the middle of the night, had been suffering from witchcraft attack for years.
Nigerian man allegedly dies after his brother killed a lizard in the middle of the night Photo source: Facebook user Rabbai Ephraim Ononye
Ononye revealed that the incident occurred after the man attended prayers at Power House Assembly in Obosi, Onitsha Imo state.
The man had disclosed that after he prayed the way he was instructed to do by the church, he became aware thata lizard was beside his bed.
It was gathered that the unidentified man stood up and killed the lizard by hitting its head with a stick. It was also revealed that immediately the lizard died his brother was heard crying out about his head and he also passed away immediately.
“I KILLED THE. LIZARD. AND. MY OWN. BROTHER. DIED. INSTANTLY..”……This man has suffered witchcraft attack for so many many years but one day, he attended prayers at Power House Assembly Onitsha Obosi branch from Imo state….

He was given a prayer assignment during prophetic ministration…..After his midnight assignment, he laid on his bed and was about sleeping when this lizard appeared on the head-style of his bed…
He got up and hit the lizard on it’s head with a tick and the lizard died…..Instantly, his brother started shouting from his own house, My head, my head” and died just like the lizard……

Is he responsible for his brother’s death? I see the end of the wicked….God will hand your enemy over to you and end every witchcraft operation in ur life and family .. Amen.”

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