Prophet T. B. Joshua’s Prophecy About Protest in Nigeria Comes to Pass After 7 Years (VIDEO)

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 T. B. Joshua’s Prophecy About Protest

Prophet T. B. Joshua’s Prophecy About Protest in Nigeria Comes to Pass After 7 Years

A true prophet called by God is known when his prophecy comes to pass, no matter how long it takes. Prophet T.B Joshua has again proved he’s a true prophet of God after his prophecy about the impending protest and revolution in Nigeria is now coming to pass after seven years.

According to a video on Emmanuel TV, Prophet TB Joshua while addressing a congregation during Sunday service prophesied that Nigeria will experience massive protests by the youths which will result in a revolution if the government refuses to carry the youth along.

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According to the clergy, every revolution starts from protest, and if the Nigerian government doesn’t take hid to his counsel, Nigeria will not escape the impending revolution. He also gave solutions and measures the government should take to avoid it.

“God Showed me this vision, not sitting down writing an article, this is not a press conference, this is a vision I saw. I’m seeing a revolution, when I say revolution; I mean every revolution starts by protest. When it starts by protest, at that protest, those in power can stop them. They have the ability to stop them, but when it becomes a revolution, no one can stop a revolution. Revolution means everyone is ready to go for it.

I repeat again, I’m seeing a revolution; I’m seeing people taking to the streets. At the beginning of that protest. Instead of revolution, I said protest, it’s a parable because when it started you will think it’s a protest, but at the end of the day you will realize that this is a revolution.

You can stop a protest, but you cannot stop a revolution. It will come, people will carry placards, hay hay hay, and you’ll say this is a protest, you carry police, carry everything and stop them, but when it becomes revolution, everybody is ready to die, so you can’t stop it.

At the beginning of that protest, I call it beginning because at the beginning of every revolution it looks like a protest. It might be stopped at the beginning, eventually; it will become so big that it cannot be stopped, this I see happen. Nigeria pray!

 T. B. Joshua’s Prophecy About Protest

God has given us the way out, listen to the way out, job creation for the youth, and the creation of a new social value system.

No matter the education the youth have, whether PHD or Professor, they feel they have no place in politics, and there’s no job to keep them busy.

There must be a new orientation, in politics, the youth should be considered for important positions, such as assistant to elders, while the elders are ministers, the youth should be junior ministers. In all appointments into departments of politics or administration, youth should be considered as second in command.

By doing this, we are training them to take over tomorrow. This is because they are leaders of tomorrow. This is because a revolution is a weapon of change that is coming.

This is a vision; I’m not preaching or teaching. This is what I saw.

This is the vision I saw, revolution is coming when people will take to the streets because life has no value anymore to the people.

Carry your youth along in your politics and administration, especially in ruling your country.

I have said it; none of this will go without being fulfilled. Read about me and my track record. This is the voice of God.

When we carry the youth along, whenever there is a revolt or situation, they will be available to readily speak to their colleagues because people that are going for revolution or protest, 90% of them are youth and they will like to hear the voice of their colleague better than anybody talking to them.

If the junior minister comes out or junior chairman to talk to the protesters, and they know he is a junior chairman and is there to represent them, they will listen to him better than anyone.

The youth want to see themselves being represented in every area of life. That is the answer to the problem coming.

The coming ominous signs are disastrous.

As sure as God lives, I, T.B Joshua will tell you only what God says.

If I’m hated, persecuted, or intimidated because of my accurate prophetic utterances, blessed be to God who gives the prophecy!

The day will declare who is in the right and who is in the wrong, says the Lord.” He said

 T. B. Joshua’s Prophecy About Protest

Prophet T.B Joshua made this prophecy on Sunday, July 14th, 2013 at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN).

It’s exactly 7 years now since the prophecy was made, from the look of things, the government of Nigeria may have not taken it seriously as very little or nothing has been done to alleviate the hunger, suffering, joblessness of Nigerian youths.

#ENDSARS protest might just be the beginning, who knows what might come up tomorrow.

It’s a clear message that the government of Nigeria might want to go back to the drawing tables and proffer a solution before it gets too late.

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