Rico talks about having feelings for Bambam

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Rico Speaks on  how he really feels about Bambam, and if he wanted to ask her out before her relationship with Teddy A.

Ex-Big Brother Naija housemate, Rico Swavey, has spoken about his feelings for Bambam.
During an interview section, the housemate, who viewers assumed had feelings for Bambam during her stay in the house, said he only likes her a friend.
“Yes, I liked Bambam, but not the kind of intimate like that she shares with Teddy A. I just like her as a cool friend,” he said.
“I mean, she is talented, she is creative, and she is a very cool person in a whole. I really liked her from that aspect, just as a good friend. But do I have intimate feelings for Bambam? No, I don’t think I do.”
Rico and Bambam in the Big Brother Naija house
According to Rico, he knew Bambam before the house – on a professional level – and would prefer to be just friends with her.
“Before Teddy A or anything else, I had known Bambam outside of the game, and we had worked professionally on a track.

I just knew her from the professional aspect,  I didn’t know her from the real aspect; like who Bambam really is when she is not singing [or] who she is when she just wakes up from bed.

I didn’t really know her from that perspective. So, I think getting to know her from there, I understood that the relationship I would prefer to share with her would be just a mutual friend relationship. And we do have a mutual friend.
Rico Swavey
During their stay in the house, Rico and Bambam were paired as strategic partners. Bambam was romantically involved with Teddy A, while Rico was single throughout his stay in the house.
Rico was the 12th housemate to exit the #BBNaija house. He was evicted on April 8, 2018.
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