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See the Crown Prince of Dubai’s Insanely Luxurious, Adventurous Life On Instagram

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Considering Dubai has one of the largest concentrations of wealth in the world, you might expect the Crown Prince’s photos to look like the Rich Kids of Instagram on steroids.

While he is incredibly (insanely, unbelievably) wealthy, what he chooses to share with the world on social media is far more interesting than pictures of parties, yachts, and fancy cars. (Okay, there’s a few fancy cars in here.)

Rather, Crown Prince Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, better known as simply “Fazza,” chooses to share his fascinating passions on Instagram, focusing on charity, animals, adventure, and sport.

It’s a welcome departure from the hedonistic partying we normally see, and, honestly, it makes us wish we could hang out with the guy for a bit. Except when he’s jumping off of Dubai skyscrapers. He’s on his own there.

You’ll see here that Fazza, thirty-four years old, is a man of diverse tastes and hobbies.

Animals regularly appear in his Instagram feed…

…which has amassed over five million followers thanks to his 2,000 posts.

He travels a lot, making for some fascinating pics.

And he’s really a pretty good photographer.

He’s an avid athlete and even heads up the Dubai Sports Council.

Basically, he’s living an amazing life that’s made possible by his wealth, but doesn’t revolve around it.

I mean, this is way cooler than sitting around in some penthouse, isn’t it?

He’s also a great ambassador for Dubai and the UAE.

Promoting his city and country whenever he can.

He’s also an animal lover, and maintains grounds that let his impressive collection roam free, rather than keeping them in cages.

He spends lots of time with his kids and family…and their tigers.

He’s about as active as you could imagine a person is.

Trying all sorts of new activities that most people, regardless of their wealth, would shy away from.

I mean, look at this. Fazza might just give Thomas Crown a run for his money, don’t ya think?

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