She is Just a Carpenter Gurl

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She is Just a Carpenter Gurl

She is Just a Carpenter Gurl.

AMA is a pretty Instagram goddess, her beauty is no doubt second to none and she’s got that perfect body to die for. You may say she’s a perfect work of art, well just saying…

Interestingly, AMA is a carpenter, and she’s not hiding it from folks.

Who would have thought such beauty would nail wood for a living? Lol that’s the irony of life, we all have choices to make and AMA has chosen to be an interior decorator.

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She’s from Ghana and just about 22 years old. Already AMA has created a spot for herself on Instagram with over 270k followers rocking her handle every single day.

She is Just a Carpenter Gurl
She is Just a Carpenter Gurl

On the first look, you’ll probably think she’s a make-up artist or one of those slay queens seeking cheap publicity but no, AMA is a refined sweet girl. When I first saw her profile on Instagram I was reluctant to grant her an interview. I just thought she might not give me audience. The truth is that she was even more excited to talk to me.

Now here is the secret, AMA is single!

Are your shock?

Yes, I was as shock as you are right now, with so much beauty and brains she’s still not taken. I mean what are all the guys out there waiting for?

More about AMA, she’s a graduate from one of the Universities in Ghana and she majored in Architectural Design. She’s currently an Interior design consultant. Now that’s what we call beauty and brains.

In one of her post she wrote;

Treat a woman like a queen and she will treat you like a king… Treat a woman like a game and she will show you how we play…

She is Just a Carpenter Gurl

So the big question is, would you marry AMA now you know she’s single if you had the chance?

Think deep…

Well, we’ve spoken much about AMA, so it’s up to the sharp guys to try their luck. Either you want to discuss business with her or you just want to talk, I think AMA is up for it.

Here is her Instagram handle @ama

See more photos and get inspired!

She is Just a Carpenter Gurl
She is Just a Carpenter Gurl

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