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Show of shame as Ghana­ian pas­tor is caught in the act with a mar­ried woman, on her mat­ri­mo­ni­al bed

Image result for Show of shame as Ghanaian pastor is caught in the act with a married woman, on her matrimonial bed

It was a show of shame when head pas­tor and Founder of the Apos­tolic Good News Church Inter­na­tion­al, Apos­tle Dou­glas Akwe­si Amanor was caught pants down with a mar­ried woman, Mrs Mina Adjei, who hap­pens to be a mem­ber of his church.

The dis­grace­ful spec­ta­cle was unfor­tu­nate­ly wit­nessed by no oth­er per­son than the hus­band of the woman right on his mat­ri­mo­ni­al bed at their EMEFS Estate res­i­dence at Lashibi, a sub­urb of Accra.

Nar­rat­ing to The New Cru­sad­ing GUIDE what had befall­en him, Mr. Thomas Adjei, Man­ag­ing Direc­tor of an adver­tis­ing com­pa­ny in Osu, Accra said, he was so “sad and dumb­found­ed, upon see­ing anoth­er man in bed with my own wife. I thought it only hap­pened in movies”.

The cou­ple have been mar­ried for nine (9) years and blessed with two kids, a boy and a girl.

The man how­ev­er said although he had sus­pect­ed his wife of infi­deli­ty, he nev­er knew the evi­dence would hit his face in that dra­mat­ic man­ner.

My wife and I have been hav­ing some mar­i­tal prob­lems for some time now based on her recent amorous rela­tion­ship with oth­er men, and over her con­stant nag­ging and reluc­tance to pick the kids from school and take care of them in her shop- which is even clos­er to the school”, he recalled.

He explained that the wife “nev­er accept­ed her fault or explained to me peace­ful­ly even when caught red­hand­ed with men in very uncom­pro­mis­ing sit­u­a­tions at odd times. Due to this, fam­i­ly heads and coun­selors advised that we sep­a­rat­ed for a while due to her vio­lent atti­tude when­ev­er there was a lit­tle prob­lem while the two fam­i­lies put heads togeth­er to resolve the issues”.

Giv­ing a vivid rec­ol­lec­tion of what hap­pened on that fate­ful morn­ing of Sat­ur­day May 7, 2016, Mr Adjei said

At about 6:30am, I had left my hide­out to the house to go and pack my belong­ings from the house, since my wife and I had ear­li­er agreed that our EMEFS Estate rent had expired, and due to some finan­cial chal­lenges we would rather relo­cate into a much afford­able apart­ment instead of renew­ing the rent again”.

But the wife, he said, lat­er rescind­ed her deci­sion, but rather claimed she had an uncle who said he would pay the rent for her to stay in the EMEFS apart­ment all by her­self with­out the hus­band.

Accord­ing to him, he went with a car­pen­ter to help him fix and changes some of the locks where nec­es­sary before he final­ly packed out since “she said she would stay in the house with her so-called uncle of a bene­fac­tor, till the fam­i­lies resolve the issues”.

I greet­ed and entered the house as the man of the house and walked straight to our mas­ter-bed­room to knock on our bed­room door. But as I knocked for some min­utes with­out any response at all, I then decid­ed to push the door to see what was wrong with my wife in there, because her sis­ter had already con­firmed that she was inside” he recalled.

As soon as I pushed the door opened, my wife rushed out to push it back against me! Wow, what is hap­pen­ing here? I won­dered at her atti­tude. This gave me the idea to sus­pect that some­thing fishy was def­i­nite­ly going on in the room, because of my past sus­pi­cion. I decid­ed to force the door open to enter at all cost. I then forced the door back on her, and lo and behold, here was a thick-tall dark man naked on my own mat­ri­mo­ni­al bed with my wife in my room! How else could a man be trau­ma­tized in his life than this?” he lament­ed.

Describ­ing his woes to the team, Mr. Adjei, under­scored that, at the instance, his heart was ter­ri­fied so much so that he could not move nor scream, so all he found him­self doing was to start clap­ping his hands for them.

He said, after some sec­onds, he gath­ered some courage and decid­ed to take some pic­tures for evi­dence, “but to my amaze­ment, my shame­less wife sud­den­ly pounced on me in an attack and tore my clothes to pre­vent me from tak­ing the pic­tures, but when she real­ized she couldn’t stop me, she rather ran to her so-called dad­dy of a pas­tor and start­ed cov­er­ing his face with the man’s under­wear- shout­ing, ‘Dad­dy don’t allow him to take your face!”, he elab­o­rat­ed.

He then report­ed the case to the Lashibi Vivian Farm Police who lat­er effect­ed the arrest of the love­birds. Both were detained and grant­ed bail the next day. The case has since been with the DOVVSU Depart­ment of the sta­tion for fur­ther inves­ti­ga­tion.

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