4yrs Old Boy Sexually Abused by House Maid Hospitalized

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4yrs Old Boy Sexually Abused by House Maid Esther Emmanuel Hospitalized
4yrs Old Boy Sexually Abused by Esther Emmanuel

A 4yrs Old Boy Sexually Abused by House Maid was recently admitted and hospitalized.

This is the story…

A 24 years of age house maid Identified as Esther Emmanuel has been arrested by River State Police Command over unethical act she has been involving in with 4 Years Old child who turned out to be the Son of her employee. 

As indicated by the report it was uncover that this woman being referred to was a house maid employed by the victim’s parents for house keeping.


According to reports, Esther will instruct this little child of 4 years to put his little thing inside her own thing and also put his mouth and suck it. 

The kid also said that she consistently plays with his private organ whenever she showers him or at whatever point she’s separated from everyone else with him alone.

She also threaten the little boy that If he tells anybody regarding it, “ojuju” (witches) will appear and kill him (being frightened the 4 year old boy never said a word about it)

Esther’s mystery was uncovered when the kid revealed her dealings to a specialist when taken to the clinic because over pains the kid started experiencing in his private organ due to his underage and continuous abuse.

What’s your remark over the deed of this house house maid?

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