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Socialite Corazona Kwamboka speaks on bleaching herself

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Popular socialite Corazona Kwamboka has denied claims that she bleached her skin to counter what many may term as flaws.

he irritated socialite took to social media to express her anger after a section of netizens claimed that she sought for artificial procedures in order to enhance her looks.

The socialite maintained that her looks are natural, adding that she has done nothing to make appear more charming as alleged by her haters.

“Every time I post a pic one beautiful girl or boy usually end up talking about my dark knees, I’ll tell you why? It’s not coz I bleached; never have never will, it’s coz in my village primary school they used to make naughty pupils kneel on hot gravel for hours as punishment; and I was very naughty, so once a week I would end up on hot Kokoto for one reason or the other,” she said.

She also revealed that she has embarked on the journey to shed extra pounds.

The voluptuous socialite also asked her critics to mind their business before they start spreading rumors about her life.  Hate her or love her, Kwamboka will never cease to post her sexy photos online.

Her sexy figure and degree in law have made her one of the most popular socialites in Kenya.

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