Some Health Benefits of Almond Tree you never knew

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Almond Tree

The Almond tree might not be the most pleasing  plant to come across in Africa forest or farms, but despite its appearance, this plant has been proven to have several medicinal and nutritional value contained either in the seeds, the leaves, roots and the stems. The almond Plant or ‘dabino’ as it is commonly called in Nigeria is predominantly grown in most of the southern part of Nigeria because the climate in these areas are favourable to the growth of the plant.

The health benefits of the almond tree cannot be over emphasized whether eaten raw, dry or roasted.

Aalmond Tree Seeds and Flowers

Some of the health benefits of this precious plant are:

  1. When chewed, the almond seeds contains some forms of anti-oxidants that fight against foreign bodies thereby increasing the imune system. So it is safe to say that almond boosts  imune system.
  2. As a result of the numerous elements contained in almonds, it has been proven to that it protects the body against diabetes and other heart related diseases.
  3. The milk contained in almonds have more calcium than the regular diary milk. That means drinking milk extracted from almond gives you more healthy bones and stronger teeth due to its high calcium content.
  4. It also contains protein, folic acids and other elements that help in fighting cancer.


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