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Miss Ilese – Queen Imoleayo Damilola Speaks on Measures to Prevent Recurring Rape of Women

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Queen Imoleayo Damilola Fatunase

Rape is a crime against God and the society, activist in recent times have called for more drastic penalty like life in prison or death for perpetrators of this dreadful act.  Even at that, the high rate of sexual abuse occurring on daily basis calls for global intervention and more proactive measure to curb the menace, which is targeted at women who are more vulnerable.

Queen Imoleayo advocates for women who are victims of rape helping them overcome the stigma attached to rape. Recently she was a guest speaker at Face of Motown Beauty Competition where she dealt extensively on the subject matter.

Speaking in an interview with Toktok9ja Exclusive, the young Queen talked on rape and some measures women can take in preventing it. She also spoke of her crown as she opens up on other silent questions appealing to fans.

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Queen Imoleayo Damilola Fatunase, hails from Ikole local government area of Ekiti State, she is an extrovert and lover of art and music. She was born in Ekiti State but grew up in Lagos. She is a final year mass communication student of Moshoood Abiola Polytechnic Abeokuta Ogun State. She is an entrepreneur, beautician and a 5.9ft tall model, who loves travelling and meeting people.

Tell us how you were crowned Miss Ilese?

First, I will like to talk about ‘ILESE’ which is a town in Ogun State. Ilese-Ijebu lies within Ijebu North East local government area of Ogun-State. It is about 6 kilometeters South of Ijebu-Ode and about 3 kilometers North of Ijebu Imushin. His Royal Highness, Alaiyeluwa Oba Oluremi Owolabi Obayomi, ALADEPE II, the “ELESE OF ILESE” is the current ruler of the town.

Every year in Ilese, an annual celebration tagged “ILESE DAY” holds, the event symbolizes the pride and honor of Ilese, enhancing community development. It’s usually a one week event which happens during August. This spectacular event is spice up with Marathon Racing, Baby show, cooking competition, Miss Ilese Beauty Competition amongst others. The 2018 Ilese day was the 14th of its kind and I was opportune to be crowned as the Queen in the event.

Miss ilese beauty competition is open to every single lady from any part of the Nigeria who is beautiful and intelligent. The community selects and crowns as their Queen for that year the most outstanding and brilliant lady not minding her state of origin. I contested alongside 12 other contestants and God gave me the crown.

What are your duties as Miss Ilese?

My duties are synonymous to every beauty Queen. I participate in community development activities, collaborating with other youths in the community to bring innovative ideas for the betterment of the community.

Humanitarian services are also crucial so I render help to those in need. Also, I participate in pet project thereby giving back to the community. My team is currently working on a humanitarian project tagged ‘LOVE FEAST’ scheduled to hold on February 14th 2019. It is designed to reach out to orphanages, donating relieve and educational materials.

How long is the duration of your crown and when are you handing over?

It’s for a year and I will be handing over by August this year.

What can you say about Nigeria in terms of Modeling, Career opportunities, Art and Fashion?

There are many opportunities in Nigeria if only you can look outside the box. Modeling has emerged as a career opportunity in Nigeria. I am passionate about the fact that it has created so many opportunities for Nigerian youths. Nigeria is home to different tribes each with unique culture and it is fascinating to discover that modeling has become a frontline in showcasing our culture.

You were a guest speaker at Face of Motown Beauty Competition, you spoke on Rape and the challenges women face, can you throw more light on this and how Africa women can prevent rape and overcome the stigma attached to it?

Well rape is a serious issue that shouldn’t be overlooked whatsoever, as it is an endemic eating up Africa. Rape is sexual assault or having sexual intercourse or penetration out of the other person’s willingness, it is using force or abuse against the other person who is not capable of defending themselves.

It is heart breaking to know that many women and children suffer from sexual abuse and the perpetrators of this barbaric act use threat, force, intimidation, illegal substances in order to have sex with the victim.


From research, I have discovered that some of the major causes of rape in Africa generally are: indecent dressing, weak law, silence, negligence, alcohol and drugs.

Most reported rape cases are not taken serious by our government and consequently perpetrators are left to go scot-free which has added to the high rate of its occurrence.  Indecent dressing and exposing of the body by women arose sexual interest in men.”

Most men consider less clothed women as a signal for intimate activity, “green light they call it.”

I always advise women to dress the way you want to be addressed.

Silence has contributed greatly in the high rate of rape cases in Africa. Families prefers to cover the story in order not to ruin the victim’s future or prevent her from been married, victims are shut up because they believe that they brought it upon themselves.

Most rape cases are usually from people closer to the victim, Rape can result in trauma, infection and unwanted pregnancy.

Queen Imoleayo Damilola, Presenting an Award

I am suggesting that Nigerian government create capital laws and punishments for rapist and also ensure that these laws are executed. Rape victim’s privacy should be protected to avoid more harm.

As for the ladies, please dress proper, drink responsibly and know your limits. You know excessive alcohol intake increases aggression. Avoid walking alone at night, stop leaving younger ones in the hand of opposite sex, and please report all rape cases.

What’s your idea of fun and how do you spend your leisure time?

I spend most of my leisure time at home thinking of innovative ideas and planning  ahead. I also create time for myself to visit tourist places, summing pools and game outlets.

Aside from Modeling, What else are you into?

I am a writer, rising actress and hair stylist. I once worked as an Art, Culture and Entertainment correspondence for National Mirror Newspapers 2015.  I have also featured in some Nollywood movies.

What motivates you?

I am motivated when I see result oriented people, I mean people who are succeeding in my line of career.

What are the challenges you face carrying out your duties as Miss Ilese?

Challenges are part of life, but glory to God it has been demanding but am keeping fit.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe (Kizz Daniel)

Mention some of the celebrities you have worked with and those you wish to work for in the nearest future

I have worked with Mayowa Laniyan, Lanre Adediwura to mention but a few. As for those I

What happens after your tenure? Are you looking at getting more modeling and endorsement deals?

My love for modeling is increasing every day, after my tenure, I am looking forward to working with top modeling agencies in Nigeria, and also I am open to great endorsement deals. This is my first pageant and I won so the journey has just started.

What are the two big brands you wish to work with if given the opportunity?

Like I said earlier, as a model and actress, I am open to all brands, but if I am to pick, I would say “CLOSE UP and AIRTEL.”

Do you have a candidate you support for the up-coming elections?

It is advisable to keep political decision private in order not to stimulate anger. So I would say I support good leadership.

What massage would you like to pass to your fans?

My fans are the best in the world, without them, I am nothing. I love them and I just want them to keep supporting their home girl, promise never to disappoint or let them down any day, anytime. One love keeps us together.

What’s your advice to Nigerian Youths generally?

Nigerian youths are vibrant and we have the ideas and the strength to excel in greatness. I want to implore the youths to invest more time recovering more innovative ideas and investments. The future belongs to us, what we do today will determine what happens in future. Nigerian youths should endeavor to utilize what is on ground to design a better future for themselves and the generation to come. Let’s impact the society positively by participating actively in the forth-coming general elections.

What’s your advice to the government?

The government should demonstrate true democracy by allowing the youths occupy various positions in the country, also they should provide basic and social amenities for the people.

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