TENSION As Femi Falana Tells Nigerians To Pray For 2023 Elections

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TENSION As Femi Falana Tells Nigerians To Pray For 2023 Elections

TENSION As Femi Falana Tells Nigerians To Pray For 2023 Elections.

Mr. Femi Falana who is a senior advocate of Nigeria and also the former President of West African Bar Association, spoke with Gboyega Akinsanmi, on the state of the nation, including the need to engage separatist agitators, powers of the federal government to allocate oil blocks to individuals, why National Assembly should fast- track the passage of the electoral amendment bill and its powers to produce a new constitution.

He was asked numerous questions which he gave accurate answers to;

TENSION As Femi Falana Tells Nigerians To Pray For 2023 Elections

” Agitations to split the country along with ethnic lines are getting louder. How should the federal government respond to these challenges? “

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” The federal government has to appreciate that the crisis of global capitalism has forced millions of young people to embrace supremacist ideology with emphasis on balkanisation of many countries. “

” The campaign for the balkanisation of Nigeria has been influenced by developments in the West. Hence, the campaign is fully supported by diaspora Nigerians. Based on arrogance of power, the federal government has continued to play into the hands of the campaigners for the balkanisation of the country. “

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” Out of sheer frustration, the campaign for the breakup of the country is gaining momentum. I have continued to insist that it is no longer acceptable to say that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable because it is an indissoluble and indivisible entity. “

” Does The National Assembly Have The Power To Give Nigeria A New Constitution? “

” The prominent Nigerians are perfectly right in questioning the origin of the 1999 Constitution. But the 1999 Constitution is a replica of the 1979 Constitution.

TENSION As Femi Falana Tells Nigerians To Pray For 2023 Elections

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The 1999 Constitution or Decree No 24 of 1999 signed by General Abdulsalami Abubakar is in pari materia with the 1979 Constitution or Decree No 102 of 1979 signed by General Olusegun Obasanjo. But the National assembly will not replace the 1999 Constitution because they are satisfied with the status quo. “

” The government shall control the economy for the promotion of the happiness of the people. The government shall control the natural resources of the nation. The commonwealth shall not be concentrated in the hands of a few people or a group. The government shall abolish corruption and abuse of office. “

” What are the areas of concerns in the 2010 electoral act and what should the National Assembly do before it’ s too late? “

” Legalising the use of card readers and electronic voting, collation of results and transmission to INEC central server. Since the Electoral Amendment Bill was not signed into law by the President in 2018 on the ground that it was too close to the last general election, the National assembly ought to have prioritised the matter. But for reasons best known to both houses of the National Assembly, the new Electoral Amendment Bill has not been passed and forwarded to the President for his assent. “

” The delay is affecting the preparations of INEC for the 2023 general election. It is high time sufficient pressure was mounted on the federal legislators to pass the Electoral Amendment Bill as a further delay will adversely affect the conduct and management of future elections in the country. But it is doubtful if the nation can hold a peaceful general election in 2023. In 2015, the Jonathan administration postponed the general election for 6 weeks, because some local governments in Borno State were under the control of terrorists. “

What is your thought on this?



TENSION As Femi Falana Tells Nigerians To Pray For 2023 Elections.

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