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After independence, which led to the ‘birthing’ of the federal republic of Nigeria on October 1st 1960; the newly born republic was under the strong hold of military forces.

Indigenous political scholars argued that Nigeria (The Federal Republic) was given birth to prematurely; In other words Nigeria had a ‘forced independence’ because Nigeria as Nation was not ready or due enough for independence. I strongly believe in their position owing to the Fact during military rule, military heads were overthrown by bloody and palace coup. It is evident that top military personnel were power thirsty.


1999 wiped the dust off our nostrils as it came with the fresh air of democracy and its dividends alike. It was therapeutic for those who had always yarned for a democratic system of governance. However democracy came with its own demons; the strongest of all is the ‘sit tight syndrome’; here we see a similarity between military governance and a democratic government, which is the unwillingness to relinquish power or political portfolios.

The party with lesser grip on the Nation emerged as the winner of the last General elections conducted in 2015, yet another breath of fresh air. Joy erupted into ether; the masses presumed there would have been inflation in the economy had it not that a new political party had emerged as winners. The 2015 electioneering campaign came with hope of reassurance, cleansing and restructuring of the democratic system in Nigeria, the fairness and openness many sought for, was right before them. The people’s general (Newly elected president) promised to revive the Ajaokuta steel company, increase general transmission and distribution of power to at least 20,000 MW, do an empowerment scheme to employ 740,000 graduates across 36 states and the federal capital territory, the most notable of all was; placing a ban on all government officials from seeking medical care abroad.

Eleven months into his administration, people wanted a change other from the change they once clamoured for, as there was an economic recession. Many economic scholars and even laymen argued that it takes a while to clean and restore a working economic system owing to the fact that the previous government was very a corrupt one. The administration spent a reasonable time blaming its predecessors. Others argued that the peoples general was seriously locking horns with corruption amongst government officials at such it wasn’t business as usual; and this was the reason why the masses where going through hardships. But again since humans couldn’t loot funds, wild animals and rodents where recruited to do the job; as on one occasion a snake swallowed several millions of naira, we also heard of cases where rodents destroyed very important government documents.

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Three years after the election of the people’s general, many can’t wait to vote him out of seat. People compared his administration to the ones we’ve had before the inception of a democratic government. Our country has been rated amongst the poorest of nations for the first time in a long time.

Just weeks to another general election, we are to pick and choose between two political parties, even if our country runs a multi political system. The people’s general representing one political party, and a person with doubtful records flanks the other. We’ve heard people say bring back our corruption!!! As long as we don’t starve, others say the peoples general is surrounded by ‘yes men’ and ‘henchmen’ who are a bunch of corrupt people anyway, so they don’t care about the questionable records of the other presidential candidate.

we are just a few steps to the crossroad, where we have to pick a part; are we going to take the familiar yellow brick road on empty stomachs and lurking predators on the side-lines or we should test one leg on fresh deep waters even if there are dead bodies rolling on top of it. You pick!!! Pick your lesser evil come 16th February.


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