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The Day my Battle with Cancer Began – Pretty Lady Shares Heartbreaking Survival Story

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It is always perceived that women are the weaker vessel, but this is not always the reality, women are stronger, this story is another proof should you need one to contest this point.

A Nigerian lady, Gloria showed her bravery and strength by sharing this wonderful story about her battle with cancer. The lady in question doesn’t smoke, drink or live outrageous lifestyle, its quite unfortunate how she came up with the ailment, but her strength in fighting and sharing the story proves beyond doubts that women are not the weaker vessel.

Hope this inspires someone out there. Abel Wealth


I had just graduated from the University, overjoyed with my latest success You guys won’t understand why a uni degree was such a big deal for me. That’s story for another day.I noticed the lump shortly after I’d finished my degree exams but it was declared benign by two different doctors.
So, a few months later when I eventually carried out the tests, scans and biopsy, nothing in the whole wide world prepared me for the results. I never considered it… I was just a little above 30, hardly ate junk, never smoked, not a fan of alcohol, breast fed babies, no known family history…Then! CANCER!!!!

I saw my life flash before my eyes and shatter to bits. I saw my dreams go up in flames.I had held on for so long, But that fateful day, my hope collapsed like a sand castle; swift and irredeemable.

I saw my children in my mind’s eye. what will become of these ones. What will I tell them? I saw my parents and siblings and their look of respect and immense trust, my ever consistent friends and our plans.. ..what becomes of the certificate I worked so hard to acquire? I read for sixteen straight hours to ace my last paper.. All that for nothing???!! Won’t I even work with the degree? Don’t I deserve to see my kids grow??! Won’t I be useful to my family??! What of all those wild dreams that spured me?! Life is a scam!!!!

I could swear I heard the sound of my heart break.

The agony of it nearly squeezed the air out of my chest. Something finally gave in. I stared wide eyed as the doctor kept talking.His lips moved but I didn’t ‘see’ the words, I saw falling stars and dying embers. I picked myself and walked to the door. The tears that had gathered finally won the struggle and came running down my face. I was angry with God for giving me too many crosses to carry, for even creating me at all and not making my life any easy.

Everyday I lost my strength till the air became really faint, I walked empty.My friends and family rallied around me. They tried so hard but I had gone beyond that point where “be strong” and “it is well” made sense. I even detested those phrases. Nothing was well! I smiled only because I didn’t want to make light their sacrifices of love. They needed to believe they made impact.

Seeing my kids became a nightmare. the joy I felt when I was with them was now full blown pain. They would look at me and say.. “You don’t use to play with us like before.” “You don’t use to be happy again”. “Did we make you angry?” They will beg me to make funny videos with them like we used to. A request I could no longer oblige.

Sometimes I cried in their presence. How can I forget the look of helplessness in their eyes? Or I would go somewhere secluded just to cry in peace. I couldn’t forgive myself for failing them again and everyone that looked up to me.

Depression loomed. I had mastered the art of fighting it but a stronger force kept pushing me steadily to it. I didn’t know how to stay afloat anymore. My options were nearly exhausted. In my fear, I begged God for a new friend. I needed something new and spontaneous.

It was easy telling my mum over the phone and only imagined she cried but I had to face my father and I will never forget seeing tears well up his eyes.. that was a first.

1/3/2017. The day, my battle with cancer began

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