Top 5 Millionaires Who Made Their Money Online And How They Did It

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Making millions of money online is not rocket science or a path to be tread by some selected few. One only needs to commit oneself to online money making opportunities as exemplified by a number of millionaires who have proved that anyone can make money online.

Anyone can be a member of online millionaires hall of fame, anyone can improve his or her financial status as the only secret to getting ahead is an open secret contained in one of the wise sayings of Mark Twain:
On getting started, it would be worthwhile to study the path of some selected 5 Millionaires who made lots of money online through information marketing, affiliate marketing, blogging, freelancing, and web mastering.
Akin Alabi.
Anyone looking for a prominent name to conjure with in the area of online information marketing has found the right person. Information marketing deals with the creation, promotion and sale of information products to people who are in dire need of it. Akin Alabi has distinguished himself in this area and consequently made millions from giving people the information they need by selling information products ranging from eBooks to video/audio course online. Availing yourself of his mentorship is a good step in the direction of making money online. The internet entrepreneur is also the owner of the popular online betting platform, Nairabet.
John Chow
In as much as most people know of living the “American Dream”, very few know of living the “Dot Com Lifestyle” also known as affiliate marketing that generates millions in months. Affiliate marketing is simply a means by which companies achieve deep market penetration via websites that have specific visitors. As a proof of how affiliate marketing generates millions, John Chow treads the path of informing others on how to hit big in affiliate marketing.
Linda Ikeji
Thinking of making incredible money from sheer passion can be made easy if one set sights on how Linda Ikeji made millions from blogging. As an activity that describes the act of publishing thoughts, ideas and information on a webpage, blogging is quite lucrative. Linda’s blog is one among top traffic generating blogs in Nigeria. Needless to say, the luxurious lifestyle of the blogger speaks volume of what anyone can gain from blogging.
Gbolagbade Adetunji.
When it comes to freelancing, the platform that has distinguished itself is Fiverr. Becoming a successful seller on Fiverr can be tasking if one doesn’t stand on shoulders. No shoulder could be more appropriate than that of Gbolagbade Adetunji who has made millions from selling gigs on Fiverr and offers mentorship programs for talented and eager minds. It suffices to say Freelancing on Fiverr is lucrative. I personally made N374,500 in February on Fiverr.
Seun Osewa.

Webmastering can be tasking but the financial benefits accrued from it is worthwhile in the long run. His success at creating the most visited website in Nigeria inspires others to tread the same path
While these selected millionaires are just a fraction of numerous others making money online, the message is clear and resounding, you too can make millions online, get started and you could possibly make the top of our list in time to come. Yes, you.
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