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Video: Man Beaten Like A Goat After He Was Caught Enjoying His Uncle’s Wife

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Man Beaten Like A Goat
The Man Beaten Like A Goat

Video: Man Beaten Like A Goat After He Was Caught Enjoying His Uncle’s Wife.

Social media is currently buzzing with reactions following a video that surfaced on the Twitter platform showing a man beating mercilessly after he was busted in the act with his uncle’s wife in Zimbabwe.

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In the video, the angry uncle can be seen beating up his nephew as he continues to scream “ndashaisha” meaning I was wrong.

The guy admitted he was wrong but that did not stop the uncle from beating him up. The cheating wife is seen sitting at a corner, with no much to say just screaming here and there.

From the video, the man assaulting him can be heard admonishing him for abusing the trust of his uncle.

The incident reportedly happened in Ghana.


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