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Ways Of Exercising Without Going To The Gym

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In the new age global health consciousness frenzy, the importance of keeping fit has reached an all time high. Staying in shape is no longer the sole domain of celebrities or a select few but a new must-have cultivated habit for everyone due to its varied health benefits. Health and exercise awareness is so prevalent that no one has any excuse to be obsess or overweight in today’s world.

Exercise is the means of engaging in physical activity to sustain or improve health and body fitness in our daily lives. Exercise is a series of activity we engage in in order to lose weight, stay fit and burn up excess calories in our body. Exercise helps in the increase of growth and development, preventing adult and teenagers from ageing, helps to strengthen the muscles, boost the energy, reduce anxiety, boost the memory and more .

Unfortunately, with the new health conciousness trend and the dependency on gym rooms with all its equipment for equipments and organic food; fees or prices has gone up. Coupled with the demands on our time by the activities and finance of daily living, most people find themselves pressed for time or funds to engage exercise.

To combat the physical and financial strain of going to the gym daily or weekly,there are several ways one can engage in exercise without going to the gym. Here are first simply exercise you can engage in anywhere you are, be it office, home or even in the bus.

1. WALKING:The movement from one place to another which helps to reduce carbon dioxide.

2. SWIMMING: This is any sporting activity where you can go to exercise your self for recreation and relaxation.

3. RUNNING: This is the movement of the legs and feet with rapid speed.

4. JUMPING: The movement of the body going up and down. This is similar to running but is done gently.

We also have the indoor activities which we can do at home without going to the gyms like talking, singing, stretching, press up, sweeping, standing up for some hours, even at our working place. For instance you can take the staircase instead of the elevator.

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